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Just an FYI: My 4 Missing USA Geocoins were found this morning by "Anberta".


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10 hours ago, Team JASS said:

I deleted his/her logs. Just wanted to warn about it.

Did you report them to Groundspeak  by the Help Center ?     I bet less than an eighth of all those TOs ever enter the forums.

Someone gets kinda crazy about this stuff, it's often easier (on Groundspeak) to nip it quickly before a couple hundred emails hit at once.   :)

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20 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:

I guess I just don't understand how someone (and a pm to boot) can interfere with other player's enjoyment of this game/hobby.

Not blocked at all yet...

Yeah, I'm not sure what the protocol is for dealing with cacher accounts. I reported a caching account that sent me a spam link via Message Center. The account had just been created the same day that I got the spam message. The response I got from HQ (Help Center) was that I could block that user. No action on that account, which incidentally has had no finds/hides in the past few months since the spam. I'd expect to see the account be locked, but so far it hasn't been.

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