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Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone in the south had a list of the best geocaches? Some really different ones that are like that whale in Oklahoma. I have been geocaching for a little bit. I am trying to find the best ones. I know I can do a search for fave points but sometimes the geocaches with the most fave points are the ones that are really old. 

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That's odd, of all the "old" caches we favorited (favorite points didn't even come out until  '10...) , we were often the only ones to add a favorite to them when favorite points were issued.  Many have less FPs than newer ones today simply by date published.

Curious, why isn't an "old" cache that has many favorites points  a draw to them?  Many FPs often says it is the "best" .

Other than looking at another cacher's  (with the same interests as you)  bookmark list, FPs are it.

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