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GST not payable

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This morning I got an email from geocaching.com telling me that GST is payable on memberships. This is just another example of the chaos that is the government's implementation of GST on low value transactions. 

There are a few things that the ATO hasn't communicated.

1. The changes were originally proposed from 1 July 2017, but have been delayed to 1 July 2018.

2. The changes only apply to physical goods. A geocaching membership isn't a physical item.

3. GST only applies to sellers selling more than $75,000 in Australia. Are there that many premium Australian geocachers?


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Thanks, I searched and searched and didn't find that. Is there anything to stop people 'moving' overseas to avoid the price increase? ;-)

I still think it's a bit tough that we paid an amount for a 12 month subscription and then the government effectively changes the contract retrospectively so that the seller either charges more than we contacted to pay or unilaterally reduces the length of our subscription.

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i think it is unscrupulous that Groundspeak charges GST, try and get proof that they pay it to the Government. You will get stonewalled, we went through this with VAT in Europe where it is a requirement that they publish their VAT No. to date no-one has been able to obtain it.
Just a rort by Groundspeak to increase their prices by 10%.

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