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can't log into geocaching

two bison

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suddenly can't log into geocaching ... are things down? ... geocaching status says only "payments" are having an interruption of service

I was in the midst of editing and submitting drafts when, after submitting one I was suddenly logged out and had to log in ... posted another find and the same thing happened ... now I get a 

"500 - Server error"

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15 minutes ago, BuckyBoyEcht said:


500 - Server Error

We're sorry, your request has resulted in an error.

What are you trying to do - anything/everything? Maybe log out, if you can, and log back in. Also try an incognito window which will force you to log in and see if you still get an error. 

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Is this related? - Link at top right of many pages to my stats & profile information is missing.  This may have started on Monday, possibly Sunday, I don't recall exactly.  But it seems to be growing to more and more pages.  I also noticed the cache name was missing on each cache page I opened a couple days ago.  Another related problem?  Thanks.

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Huh.  Keystone posted the tl;dr.

If, perhaps, the data is lost as well, that means I'm finally free!  I get to find a new hobby!  No more traveling!  No more roller coaster ride that has been going on for the past several years!  No more driving out of my way to visit spots littered with trash!  No more being in limbo in so many ways!

Free!  Finally free!


I'm going to be sad when it comes back up, aren't I?

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