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Helping a friend hide a cache

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Hello all!

I have a question about hiding a cache...

So... here's a bit of context: I'll be visiting a friend for a few days next week. My friend knows I go geocaching and she wants me to introduce her to this great hobby (as if I would say no! :tongue:). She knows a bit of what it is... but has never done it herself. (But that will change soon!) However, she's asked me a few times if I could help her hide a new cache in her own yard, as she thinks it's cool and she has a spot in mind and all.

I told her all the requirements, and warned her to choose a spot in her yard where she doesn't mind people coming to poke around to look for a cache.

However, I'm not quite sure myself how to go about submitting the cache, how to take the coordinates, etc.

Do you have any advice? Tips? How to contact a reviewer? Anything that could help? 

Thanks! :cool:


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