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3D Roman Helmet 'Centurion Geocoins' (now on sale)

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My newest design is now available to buy from my online store.

This design was inspired after a trip to Rome, and these 3D coins measure 2 inches tall and 10mm thick at the thickest point (they have a nice 3D edge - not a thick flat edge like a few of my previous 3D designs). All coins are trackable and have a unique icon.

This design will be limited to just 300 coins - and only 10 versions have been made. Annoyingly though a lot of the satin finish coins arrived with some minor marks on most coins, due to it being a softer finish and not enough care was taken by the factory during production. As a result - a lot of those versions are being sold at a discount.

10 x Black Nickel/Glow (AE)
20 x Satin Gold/Black (XXLE)
20 x Satin Gold/Purple (XXLE)
25 x Satin Silver/Orange (XLE)
35 x Antique Copper/Green
35 x Antique Silver/Blue
35 x Antique Gold/Purple
40 x Antique Copper/Orange
40 x Antique Silver/Red
40 x Antique Gold/Red

I've attached pictures of a few versions, but larger photos can be found either on the listings on my shop, or on my CW88's Geocoins page on Facebook.






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