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Urwigo: changing a zone's name changes the player's latitude

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I'm using Urwigo to develop a Wherigo cartridge. I've discovered a weird little quirk.

If a zone name get changed, the player's latitude gets incremented by 0.00001. The longitude doesn't change and it doesn't happen if an item's name is changed. It doesn't happen if the name is changed to the existing value. It only occurs in the Urwigo emulator. It doesn't happen in Webwigo or WhereYouGo.

To verify this, I created a cartridge with the bare essentials. It contains

  • one counter, used to toggle between two strings
  • one zone
  • two items, a dummy that does nothing, and one with two commands: ChangeZoneName and ChangeItemName.
  • one Lua function

The zone, counter, and dummy item were given identifiers for use in Lua.

The Lua function is:
function ChangeObjectName (TheObject)
    vCounter = vCounter+1
    if vCounter%2 == 0 then
        TheObject.Name = "aaa"
        TheObject.Name = "bbb"
    Wherigo.LogMessage(vCounter .." " ..tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude).. " "..tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude))    

To test, call the ChangeZoneName several times in sequence, then ChangeItemName several times in sequence, and then examine the log. The latitude increments when the zone's name is changed but not the item's.

Is this a known problem? Can it be fixed?

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