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Although a serious list of my top ten favorite geocaches ever would take days of consideration and a class in html, i thought i'd share some of the more memorable caches i've done off the top of my head.


I don't want to hurt any feelings or stir up a controversial debate here, so keep in mind that this is totally spontaneous. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of good ones. If anyone else has a list, i'd love to see it posted.


So, in no particular order:


This one because it was my first. What a way to start.


This one for a lot of reasons.


This one because it was scary.


This one is unique, and because it was the first time i met another cacher.


This one for the drive and the nostalgia.


This one for the company (awww).


This one was my first kayaking one.


This one because it took the longest.


This one was my first night-time cache.


This one was also unique.


I just looked at my "caches found" page and i see that i could include about 20 or 30 more.

A true top ten list would be just about impossible to narrow down, methinks.


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Gee, I've gotten way behind on finding all the great caches out there. My top ten cache hunting experiences are mostly from last summer.


So here goes, in no particular order...


Here Probably the most memorable. It had wildlife, a view, exhilaration. This cache had the whole enchilada for me.


Here I remember this for being at the end of a perfect geocaching day.


Here This one scared the bejeezus out of me.


Here When geocaching becomes obsession...


Here What a cool place this is.


Here Is there such a thing as craftsmanship in geocaching? If so, then this represents it.


Here My first multi-stage and a good one.


Here Some days your mood just matches where you're at.


Here Spent a beautiful day here with a good friend.


And finally, the first Lacamas Park cache. It was my very first. I've lost the URL though.



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This is a tough one, but here are some of the more memorable on my list.


Here because it was the first.


Here because it was a wonderful day at the coast, and my wife had a great time with this new obsession.


Here was the 2nd cache I ever attempted (initially unsuccessful) while the wife laughed at her deranged husband crashing through the brush, and getting poison oak in the process.


Here Great fun dodging the ATV's as we walked across the Dunes. Got the Tline_Boarders hooked.


This One because of 9/11.


This one was at a beautiful area I never would have known about otherwise.


This one because the owner was so helpful, and it made for a fun day with the Jr. Highers.


This one because it was a great location on one of those perfect caching days.


Here was a quiet place to relax.


And last but not least . . .


This one because I was first!

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No Byron and Anne, your eyes do not deceive. To explain (and to air some laundry), at the end of last summer I deleted the vast majority of posts I had made. At the time I was ruining geocaching for myself by being overly concerned about the number of caches I could find. By the time I hit the mid 80's (in finds) I really wasn't having much fun anymore. So I purged the logs to those that were most memorable and presto! the temptation to worry about numbers was gone. Now that I've gained a better sense of perspective about caching I'm vaguely embarrassed about my reactivity. I actually haven't lost the memories of all those cache visits. I kept my little cache notebook and could probably duplicate most of those logs if I had to. I remember Pink Bucket Spring very well. The oldgrowth trees deeply impressed me and the coordinates wanted to put me out in the lake. I found the cache accidentally by investigating the sound of trickling water. My enjoyment of the hike was why I put it in my list of best experiences.


Hey, thanks Explosis. I was sorry to lose track of that cache page. Got it bookmarked now.



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