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Waymarking Forum Questions

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What happens if I select "Mark all content on this site as read"  Are they still available to view?

Thread view counter: 

As an example: Text vs Image currently has 117 views. Are these 117 views one for each individual waymarker, in this case 117. Or if the same individual views Text vs Image multiple times does the counter advance for each visit even if they had a previous visit?

How do I remove Notifications from this list?  

"Let others see that I follow this"

If selected: Can someone actually see who is following the forum thread? (I assume they have to select to follow it)  If so, how do you see who is following the thread?

Thank you. 


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I did not get an email, when there is a new entry in the forum. All Notification Settings are correct.

Is there a mistake in the fourm application?



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