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CPU usage and stability

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I have not used the "new" app for a while since it was missing quite some features but I thought to give it a try again and I must say it has been improved a lot. I hope it will continue in this direction.

I tried it for one day to log 60 caches and that went quite well except for stability/performance. After navigating/logging 10 to 15 caches the app crashed every time with an Android warning "The application stopped working". After restarting it worked good for 5 to 10 caches but then it started to get slow to eventually crash. 

I tried the usual things like clearing the cache, re-installing etc but the problem seems to remain. Also if you look at the battery stats you can see the app eating quite some power from my battery so I think some cleanup is not done properly.

Maybe something to look into for the developers.





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