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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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G'Day My Fellow Geocachers,


How are you doing on this fine day? I’m DARKSIDEDAN aka Daniel from Canberra, Australia. I love discovering Geocaches, Trackable items and collecting Pathtags. I hope that you all enjoy Geocaching as much as I do. For me geocaching is a way of life. When I am not Geocaching, I am thinking of Geocaching.

Here is a little information about me. I have been geocaching since 2015.


At the time of this post I have over 6850 finds plus 340 hides. I am the creator of the “Duck Dip” Lab Cache that won 2nd Place for the Australian Capital Territory in the State Vs State - Battle of the Lab Caches at the OzGeoMuster - The Gong Mega 2019 in Wollongong, Australia (GC7N7ZC).


Now let’s talk Pathtags. Currently I have over 8000 Pathtags in my collection plus about 500 Etagz. I currently have three of my own Pathtags (45762 / 46950 / 47696) with another one in the works.

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10 minutes ago, GeocachingGoku said:

... right area of minnesota that has a lot of local caches


Welcome Joel!

Have you tried to check the nearby caches on the homepage, or on the app? Give a try on the homepage if you haven't yet.

I can see more than 2000 in a 16 miles radius...

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been a decade since finding a few hundred caches, ready to start up again. Have handheld GPS, did lots of downloading to them, but now, SMARTPHONES exist!!
Would like the Premium Trial, but was a premium member before smartphones were a thing, literally a decade ago, would this disqualify me?
Thanks, Cheers, and Happy Caching.

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On 5/18/2020 at 4:36 PM, greggiam said:



OK thanks.

Lifetime Ban, lol.
Suddenly I've become one of those "IS IT WORTH IT???" guys. :antenna::lostsignal:



I am in the same boat. Is it worth it? Maybe. I really enjoyed it and still do. 

My issue is with all the stuff that went away for those that had bought apps, had memberships has all gone away. It would have been nice had they even offered a month, 3 months, 6 months, year free membership. Had that happened, I may still cache. 

The unfortunate thing is all the stuff we had just got taken away. 

I miss it a lot and have just been snooping around again. 


Anyway, enjoy everyone! I get my opinion is not that of most, but it is my opinion and how I feel currently.


Stay safe, be respectful of others caches, and always respect the earth! 

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I'm not really a lurker.  I guess I knew there was a forum but I never thought to check it out.  1692 finds since 2011.  31 States and four countries.  So I am getting the hang of GC'ing.  I usually use C:Geo on my phone.  I just got a new phone after the old one completely died.  I had to go to the play store to download apps into the new phone.  I cannot find a place on C;Geo to sign in.  Any hints?  Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Spudyr said:

I am VERY new to this forum... and already I’ve seen some arguments and had some people almost argue with me... maybe I should go to the Canada section... I LIVE in Canada anyway...

Use the Canada forum if you need to discuss anything specifically Canadian. Come here for universal discussion.

But don't feel sorry.:D

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Membership type: Premium

Joined 04.Jan.2015Last Visited 06.May.2021
  • 2.svg8,355 finds
  • owned.svg1,087 hides
  • activity-favorited-icon.svg1,374 Favorite points
  • location.svgUser's home Location: Canberra, Australia

Why Do I Geocache, It a simple question with a complexed answer? Geocaching is a Real-Life Treasure Hunt that gets you Outdoors and makes every walk more interesting by taking you to places you never knew existed. The Geocaching Community is Awesome with so many great people that support each other and have some amazing stories to share. Geocaching Is A Mental and Physical Challenge on another level from solving complex puzzles to climbing the highest trees. 

I want to geocache anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Currently I am based in Canberra, Australia.


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I geocache to get to enjoy my current outdoor hobbies with an extra twist. I already hike, white water raft, kayak, cave, rock climb, mountain bike, tree climb, road bike, XC ski, swim, and when I can I SCUBA. Geocaching gives me an extra excuse to get outside and do all of them. One of my first geocaches was while white water rafting the confluence of main and south fork of the Salmon river in the 'Frank Church Wilderness of no Return' and I was still kind of a muggle. That one really changed my perspective. 


I'll confess, i'm not just adrenaline. I geek out hard on stats. I'm crushing this 800+ day streak right now and am working on making the top 10 longest streaks in Idaho list. I may have been born in England, but Pocatello Idaho is my stomping ground. We have a geocache at our house and it is cool meeting people from around the country in my yard. We are redesigning our home geocache into a british phone box mini free library with some outlandish bonus features. Stay tuned.

It is cool to think that we are sort of part of a secret society but non nefarious. Walking to school every day I blazed right past 5 or so geocaches and had no idea - that blows my mind. It is also cool getting to know people and the mad adventures they get up to. I've been trying to build a teamwork geocache with Canberra Australia, speaking with great people like DarksideDan and some other locals in the area. Oh, Hey Dan! Eventually I want to set up a teamwork cache with each of the 6 main continents. 3 down, 3 to go.

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Hey all, CFE or Crit here. Located in Mid-Michigan and been caching on and off since 2014 as a wee lad. I'm quite younger than most veteran cachers, but have recently been reinvigorated with the love for the art by introducing a new friend to caching and we've been on a spree finding them since. For having cached for as many years as I have, it may be surprising that I just recently got over the 200-find mark. But as life tends to be, I do not have easy transport access and was really only able to find those within bicycle distance for the longest time. Hoping to change that soon and change is already in progress.


I'm still very proud that the first cache I hid back in 2014 is still around to this day, even if I can't be there to do maintenance on it. I really want that ownership transferred, yeesh...


Best find? Probably one in the woods with a bunch of multicolored bison tubes and only 1 of the tubes had the log inside. Either that or a walk down a deertrail to an abandoned piece of wall with elaborate graffiti on it. 


Cheers, and glad to be a part of this community for this long, and my goal is to keep the trade going for as long as I can, being part of the newer generation of cachers...

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Hi, total Newbie here!  My son is taking Geocaching MB at scout camp this summer. We joined this group to get the app for my phone and to try and learn a little bit before he goes to camp.  We need to find a couple of local caches before he goes.  I am hoping to learn a little bit more about it too.

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Greetings! I've never posted before despite being active for over a year. Wanted to finally reach out and say hello to the cachers outside my immediate local community, where I've been lucky enough to attend some meet and greets and become friends with some lovely folks. I'm based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and quickly became addicted to caching. My kids introduced me to it and I quickly took it over. My son, little dude, comes along often on searches but of course is mostly interested with the larger sizes.  My daughter came along on a recent find that required our kayak, that was really fun for her to discover. 

Hope you all are well, nice to meet you all. 

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handle: Seek & Hide

Robert Davis

1832 Elmdale Road

Paducah, KY 42003


I am originally from a small towm in Western Kentucky (Grahamville), moved from there to Cadiz, KY, and did geocaching and survey disc hunting between the lakes for a year or more. Moved to Englewood, Florida, and continued geocaching. Now, I have moved back to Kentucky, due to health concerns. I am 75 years young and plan on doing more geocaching for exercise and my health.


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I started caching in late 2019 so it’s been an odd few years, I’m still excited we can have events again (I managed to get to 2 in the before times). I think I vaguely knew there was a forum, but only recently looked, I tend to check Facebook more often…


I live in Edinburgh except when I live on a narrowboat and have discovered a love (if not really much skill) of tree climbing since I started caching (odd what we’ll do for a smiley!).

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