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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Ware Yat Bloen :


Long time, no see. I don't lurk much but check on this " National" site from time to time. Most of my forum activity is on the LA site as well as MISS and ALA where I spend most of my caching time. I'm currently at the View Carre' cache site and all is well. I can't account for the hostility.....maybe that's why the Bible say's to let your conversation be , yes -yes and no - no.

To cachers around the country I'd like to say the Big Easy is coming back and welcome you to the View Carre' cache where you can see it all.

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Good sunny day. I just joined yesterday as the geocaching "game" intrigues me. I was especially excited abou7t the possiblity of exploring the acesibility of spots and further lure other wheelchair ridden 9as i am) to this great outdoor activity. Any thoughts on how to start? I would love to go with those that are going to keep the event social as well.Christy

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Hi shawn- I am traveling the UP this late july and august any chaces I need to seek out? I travel with a wheelchair.



I'm a newer cacher from Northern Michigan. I always cache with my 13 year old daughter The Black Rose. I figured I'd post and maybe strike up conversation with some new people in the sport.



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Hi there,

My 6 year old triplets and I started geocaching about two weeks ago. They love it. Great way to get out of the house! I'm working on getting Cachemate to sync with my Palm. Must be doing something wrong. Guess I'll just buy some more printer paper for the time being. ;)

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Never heard the phrase "lurker" but it sounded funny.


Hello to all, my name is Playhawke, and I just discovered geocaching this week, everything is new to me, degrees, decimals, minutes, they used to be friendly words, now, I have to use them, twist them, play with them...a challenge.....keeps you thinking, which is cool. :D


I did a geosearch that apparenly everyone kept saying was soooooo easy, but of course, to me it was not. :D


Little did I realize just how important a "gps" is, I got so frustrated at my attempts that I went and bought one, just a little eTrex, but that baby took me right to it! I was shocked, I bow to all of you, this is fun, wish I had found it sooner. :D

Needless to say, I am learning as I go, so if anyone has a tip or two to throw my way, GREAT, or a secret to help me along to make it that much easier....

Take care all :D

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :laughing:


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.

Hi there

I am bestis from New Brunswick , i got into geocacheing about a month now,it's the most fun i have had in Bathurst,NB. in the 17 yrs. i have been here.i just love the hunt.There are some really good cachers here and there putting more every day.I just wanted to say something to someone in Newfoundland, a place i"am from and have'nt seen for 17 yrs. I'am from springdale .I do hope to go there again.

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Hi, My sons, 8 & 10, and I are new to geocaching. They are both in scouts and have heard about it. We found 21/2 caches our first day out. If it hadn't been pouring we would have finished the third. They want me to tell you all that it was I, Dad, who wimped out. Let me add that they were all for heading on a 2 mile hike in heavey down pour, 50ish temps, no rain gear and intermitent lightening! I have to be honest I wasn't aware the forums were here until we started trying to figure out Numeration Destination. Finding the clues has made it easier to learn more about this web site and geocaching in general. (Had to hunt thru the site to figure out who Pantalaimon is, who he finds caches with and so on.


I still have a hard time trying to figure out how to follow threads and find topics. I'm not even sure how recent this topic is? But, I looking forward to getting more involved. Oh! The two we found were Ocean State and In Memory of Little Bett. May 21 was our first attempt at finding a cache. Got rained out of Nipmuck River. Just to show you what the kids have to put up with - after finding the Ocean State cache I wasn't sure how to get to route 96 for the next one. Finally the kids pointed out - "Uh, dad--you have a GPS in your hand with the coordinates and street mapping" To make things worse Route 96 was one street over!<_<


By the way, does anyone know a term which loosely means hyperlinking someone to the thread of a topicwhich has already been discussed? It's the last clue we need - I think?


Any way - hope to meet some of Y'all out there.



OH I'm from Northern Rhode Island (not that the north is very far from the south, east or westbut hey - it's a 60 minute difference!)

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Hi, I'm Otto, from Norway. I'm a computer engineer with a growing need for outdoor sport activities. When I got my first GPSr and was introduced to geocaching, I became a geocacher over night, with GPSr and camera :ph34r:


I've been here for a while, participated mainly with new threads with some interesting topics like battery technology, some keywords NiMH, good ecomony and no waste. The discussions and answers were comprehensive and professional, with a lot of knowledge from a lot of people.


Latest thread, capercaillie, us geocachers have to learn about the natives in the forest, they who protect the caches when we are at home :huh:





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By the way, does anyone know a term which loosely means hyperlinking someone to the thread of a topicwhich has already been discussed? It's the last clue we need - I think?




I believe the term you're looking for is 'markwell' ... one of the many things I've learned from 'lurking' :ph34r:

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Hi, I am using a Garmin StreetPilot c320 to navigate in my car and would like to use this c230 for Geocaching also. Can I download straight from Geocaching.com to my Garmin c320? I am sure it would much better if I could use my Streetpilot c320 around the streets for gaching. (I use an old Garmin eTrex and find it time consuming trying to load waypoints in all the time and this only shows me the direction arrow and dot where to go).

Hope someone can help. I am in Australia.

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Well, I guess I've never posted so here I am. Eh, what do want to know? Friant, CA, USA. Old yellow Garmin eTrex. N00b. 46 years old, three kids, married. Blah, blah, blah. Not too many finds yet, but it I love how it gets me outside and gets me some exercise.


Now say "hi" to me!



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Well, I'm Infiniti. I head Team Infiniti based in Davison, MI. Current members are my fiancee and I, but we hope to pick up one to two more by July.


A little random fact for you all; we own not one GPS device, armed with Laptops and Metal detectors, we've found two caches since we started in Late May. :laughing:


Hope to purchase or inherite a GPS soon, until then Google Earth is my only key tool.


Drop us a line and say Hi!


Infiniti and Shmail!

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Okay, I guess I've been "lurking" but never posted here before. I'm pretty new to these forums, but I've been caching over a year. I usually spend more time on my local (Sacramento, CA) area group site forums. They seem "friendlier," perhaps, but that's probably because most of us have met each other at events each month. The "snide" talk is reserved for in person behind others backs. (J/K)

Anyway, it's interesting to read opinions and all from near and far.

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Hello everyone,


I'm Boo (Kitty Boodles).


I've known about caching for a while, several months, but only just started getting into it. It's very cool!


My only problem, I guess, is I'm disabled - bad back - and can't do tons of hiking - and here I live out in the woods and all... B) I tried my first non-virtual hunt a few days ago, lucky for me I brought along a friend who - maybe unluckily for me - had permission to use me for food in case I dropped from either heat exahustion or pain. He didn't have to, whew!


We were able to get back to the car where I almost fell over. Hey, that walking stick seemed like a good idea at the time, until I ended up dragging it's starting weight of .05 lbs that somehow turned into 490 lbs during that trail back to the car....


I was able to drive almost up to the spot anway, after realizing where the cache was. After not being able to get to it the afternoon before because of a bear (the cache was right in the middle of a huge blueberry patch) I went back up the next morning because I couldn't sleep, knowing the thing was out there and I hadn't gotten it yet....


It was a sweet reward at 6am, in the rain and fog on top of a mountain, to find that particular cache. I was all alone and it was beautiful..... :rolleyes: I just wish there wasn't almost all broken McToys in it when I did find it. B)


Ah well... I did it and that is what counts, right?


I've been trying to look at many of the caches to figure out exactly - or close as I can anyway - how they are rated for traveling to make it a bit easier on me.


As a Aite Admin on another very busy board, I know how touchy things can get on Forums, so I tend to just read and not get involved on other Boards. I do read a lot and laughed at many posts, especially the "You know when your hooked when..." posts....


Someone mentioned (maybe a few times?) that a Forum for Non-Geocaching talk would be a good idea, and I agree. Sometimes they are needed.


I didn't have to go out to purchase a GPS, at least not for caching... before I wrecked my back I was a pilot (still am I guess) who owned my own airplane and had a portable GPS - a Garmin 295 - that was easier and more effective cost wise than buying a unit for the plane that really didn't have the space in the panel for a full fledged one. So the Garmin 295 - with it's color display and cool features was perfect for caching. :rolleyes: I think it's happy to be used again.


Team Kitty Boodles is made up of me, and Teammate Rob (another pilot) - and we very quickly learned that we have to let that Garmin find itself every once in a while to get accurate - close to the mark - readings. Hey - it is awsome for leading you to airports that you can spot well at about 1000 feet above ground! I figure at least we were a little ahead of the game by alwady knowing how to use and read Nav equipment. Now, to learn to spot those hard to find micro's and nano's! Arrggghhhh!


Ayway, that's me and a little of my story. Going back to fixing up my new cache that I'm getting ready to hide in a few days. B)




~The Gettysburg Ghost Hunting Cat~

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I'm embarrassed to say that I've been lurking for a while. My son, husband, and I make up a team of geocachers. Son and husband are native San Diegans. I grew up there. We used to back pack in the Sierra every year; we're in the flatlands of NW Ohio now. <_< Career changes, brought us here. The winters here were quite a shock. :D My chaotic nightshift work schedule brings us out at odd times. :P


We like the challenge of the hunt and getting out.

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Howdy All


I'm Jeff From TeamBarstool.


Read about geocaching about a month ago. I dug up my garmin gps12 that hadn't seen the light of day in 5 years and now the team is hooked. We went 10 for 12 our 1st day of hunting urban altoids cans. We can't wait to get out into the desert and look for some larger caches.

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I am a lurker! :wacko: I really appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself and my crew. We are slow at getting started since I have three little ones--the youngest under 2 years-- but I have a whole slew of nephews and a niece to help. We are really interested in caches that have something special to see in the area. I really like to hear local legends of different places.


Thanks for all the creative caches everyone has taken the time and trouble to place and maintain!


Legends and Lore :blink::anicute::anicute::blink:

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Not a lurker, just a new guy!


I am new to the Geocache scene. I just bought a Garmin eTrex Legend yesterday and have signed up for the premium membership. I guess it takes a couple of days for that to take effect.


I plan to use GSAK, CacheMate (on the Palm) and anything else useful I gain from you guys!


Hopefully tomorrow I will get to rack up my first find. I happen to have the day off and it is supposed to be a nice day! I loaded in the 4 closest caches to my house and plan to find at least one of them.


I know a guy locally that is into this and hope to have him give me some pointers. He can't help me for the next week or so, but did point me to this site!


Wish me luck!

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Hi, I'm from Providence Village Texas. I started geocaching a while ago. I "lurk" because I don't have any knowledge to impart at this point. I'll try to get some soon... :blink:


My daughter that's in the military turned me on to this. It's so much fun! Thanks Meggie!!

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Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.


I might as well introduce myself finally. I've been lurking here for a while now. Signed up quite awhile ago, did a couple caches and then got tied up with life. The last few months I've been a true lurker (actually reading, not just being signed up) and started getting back into caching. The last couple of months I've gotten totally hooked and have been lurking more and more. Tonight I figured I might as well stop the lurking and start participating a bit!


I'm really enjoying this sport and recently got 2 of my friends hooked on it as well. I'm in the NorCal area and will probably end up meeting some of you one of these days! So far I've only met one other cacher who was *very* nice and everyone I've had a little interaction with online has been nice and very helpful!

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I'm a geocacher in Norway, since about this time last year. Since covering the initial area, I get most fun by researching and placing new caches in my area. The town is relatively free of cachers - I only know of one local GCer, so I get the pick of all the best local sites in the historic border town of Halden :laughing:


As well as historical buildings, burial mounds, earthworks and the like, there are many rock carvings with mysterious symbols of boats, carts, etc., and these were the first caches I logged, hence my picture and motto "Neolithic geocacher"

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I mostly lurk nowadays. Regardless of the original topic, most threads turn into whine and gripe fests. Also, I no longer open threads after 50 posts because by then, surely everything of merit has already been covered. By the way, this thread was at 48 posts when I opened it - barely made it!


I lurk, it's just my nature. It's interesting what you find when you lurk... :lol:

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I mostly lurk nowadays. Regardless of the original topic, most threads turn into whine and gripe fests. Also, I no longer open threads after 50 posts because by then, surely everything of merit has already been covered. By the way, this thread was at 48 posts when I opened it - barely made it!


I lurk, it's just my nature. It's interesting what you find when you lurk... :blink:

Wanna see the elephant?

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I've just recently heard about geocaching and thought it sounded like a lot of fun. I love the outdoors and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than doing it geocaching! :D This is my first post and wanted to say hi to all. I look forward to finding lots of great caches. :)


SpokaneGeoCachers :D

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Howdy all,

I guess I qualify as a lurker... mainly as I really don't have that much time to spend on the forums. At night I work in hotel guest services at the Pechanga casino - on top of that I am the barn manager for a small ranch here in lovely wine country Temecula. Somewhere I manage to get some sleep and time to cache! :laughing:


I've recently discovered geocaching, purely by chance. One night at work I was bored and looking things up on wikipedia, it started with the history of Nabisco Co., then linked to the history of Altiods from there, and hey what the heck is a geocache? CLICK.....hold on a sec, this looks really cool. I was hooked from there! LOL Managed to find 18 caches before my gps came. :laughing: My boyfriend is now hooked, as well as my mother and sister in Indiana.


Hopefully there will be some more events in my area soon so I can meet some of the people I keep seeing online. :huh:

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Hello, I'm katymoe.co.uk and I'm increasingly regretting choosing a boring username.

I cache mostly around South-West England, although hopefully this summer dear Maurice my GPS will accompany me to Scotland, perhaps with a couple of friendly travel bugs.


I'm very interested in the prospect of a buddy system if it is ever implemented (lurking in waiting of this...), as my cache finds and placements are currently spread across my account and those of splinter98 and martiansoup.




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Hello, I'm jenfosch (Gwendy in real life) and have been geocaching for... 3 weeks or so. But am already completely addicted. I like to 'lurk around' a bit when I'm bored at work. I work in GIS (that was also the subject of the only thread that I ever reacted on) and am doing some quite repetitive boring work for the moment. So I'm 'passing by' here twice a day nowadays.


I'm 28 years old, single, live in the oldest city in Belgium, Tongeren (2000 and some years old) and work in Antwerp. Am planning to make a cache dedicated to Tongeren's most famous historical figure Ambiorix, leader of the Eburones, a Belgian tribe, who defeated one of the legions of Julius Caesar, which resulted in the annihilation of his tribe. He's probably the reason why Caesar called the Belgae the bravest of all Gaules (Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae - commentarii de bello gallico)...

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Hi. I am lurker... but a NEW lurker.


I recently got my first GPSr as an addition to our new kayak purchase and have now gotten into geocaching. Have only done a few local searches (Royal Oak, MI) with one daughter, but we both had fun and are seeking out more.


I've made a few posts, having had a few questions about my Garmin, and have picked up information/tips by reading other posts. The forums are informative and indeed entertaining. <_<



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I'm new to geocaching, only 15 finds so far, but enjoy every minute of it. My principal hobby is astronomy, that's why the tag of "starcrwzr" (star cruiser), but this new hobby helps fill the daytime hours between astronomy sessions.


I've been reading the forums, mostly for help, but will pipe up when I find something I can add to.


Clear skies and happy hunting!


Scott :)

Mountain High Bed & Breakfast and Observatory


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Okay, I better introduce myself. Ive been caching now for almost a year and I love every minute of it. i have been tryin to corrupt my friends. I think i have succeeded in getting another friend to join up. I cache as PackRat420. i am also a founding member of TeamDawgChark. I hail from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. I use a dinosaur of a GPS that my Dad leant to me, its a marine based GPS but it works for what i need it for. i am hoping to find more people close to home to cache with.


See you on the trails!



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Greetings to all. I am not a lurker as noted by my post count. This is my first post in this introduction area,

and general chat about Geo-caching. I have been spending my time in Geocoin discussions. The way I found out about Geo-caching was searching ebay for Jeep parts.

I and ran across a JeeperMTJ Geocoin,and I was hooked ,line and sinker LOL. When I first became involved with this new hobby I had the misfortune of dropping my brand new GPS in a canal on my 4th find.

I was signing a log and was spooked by a big black snake. Oh well life goes on. Now have a new one, but the Florida sun and humidity and health concerns will keep me limited to actively seeking caches in our winter months or overcast days .be it that I have built up quite a nice collection of Geocoins, I have plans on starting to populate some of our local caches, and set some new caches close to my home so they can have proper maintenance throughout the year. I'm a avid Jeeper, so my hides will indeed be worthy of a coin in circulation. I have also bought many a MICRO Geocoins to be activated and set free on travels in the many micro caches / 35MM film canisters I may run into. Greetings to all here in the Geo-caching Community, Fondly, Glenn :laughing:

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I lurked for like 10 seconds!


I have a very good friend who I can not thank enough for turning me on to this (OOOOXXXX)


..I am completely addicted as of yesterday!


using my trick GPS for something other than just finding my way back to the car after wandering off into the woods for a hike or mushroom hunting is just so fun!!!

I still have no clue what I am doing but I found 3 out of the 6 caches I went for yesterday and 2 were just taking too long for me to focus in the heat, my brain was ready to explode and I was going to chuck the GPS at a tree (tantrum time is all part of the fun for me)...so I pooped out and quit ..but NOT TO BE DEFEATED and will for sure go back and finish them on my next day off!


what a great activity this is!!!

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Yes! Certainly guilty of lurking. In fact, this is the first forum I think I have subscribed to. I have posted once or twice to ask a technical gps question. I am thankful for the brilliant answers that has allowed me to become a more efficient cacher. Have only been caching for about a half a year (found 123 placed 3) so I have much to learn which I hope to do from the many positive and insightful contributers there are. Plan to make my first actual feedback type post with request for input from others shortly. Like jumping off the diving board for the first time :unsure:


"It is a happy talent to know how to play" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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