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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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My family and I are new to geocaching. We've had fun searching for several caches. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. Since I have no experience to share, I just lurk.


But if you have questions about RV'ing or Texas State Parks, just ask. I have much more experience to share on those topics.



Dallas, Texas

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Hi! My boyfriend got me a GPS for christmas but I still haven't found my first cache yet! I love my new toy though - it has come in handy for hiking and biking. I've been getting lots of good info from the forums and can't wait to log my first find. :D I'm also looking forward to placing a few of my own once I get the hang of it!

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I have been caching a couple years now and have to say it is very enjoyable.

My daughter has also taken an interest in it and goes with me most of the time. She is wanting to place her own cache pretty soon. I tend to lurk and read to learn what I can. I don't much care for some of the drama in some threads, so I usually keep my mouth ( keyboard) shut. I say what I need to when I have something that may be of value. Otherwise, I just keep quiet.........


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I guess I am a lurker. I lurked here for months before I got my GPSr, planning and dreaming. Now I spend a lot of time on the forums, but I rarely have much of value to add. I find that most of my questions have answers somewhere.

I think pretty soon I am going to speak up on the avatar request thread, though.

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I have been lurking for a while now - I am here bc I love caching, I would rather be outside doing things than at a computer, but work puts me there some times. Not worth talking about if its gonna turn into people attacking each other, but the chance to get new ideas on the site is great. I have been officially on geocaching.com for about a year now.

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Didn't think about introducing myself here before. Better late than never! :lol:


Hey, I'm Aaron and I live here in Phoenix, AZ and discovered geocaching about 7 months ago. I haven't found that many for a lack of GPSr for a while. I've already planted my first two caches and enjoying every minute of it! :lol: Cya around!



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Hello, I'm a lurker just trying to take this all in. Some friends of mine told me about geocaching and how it's a great family activity. So I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of my 60 CSx so that we can go on our first find. I'm in Dover, PA and would just like to thank everyone for al the great information I've already taken in from lurking :D

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Hi, I'm a newB... could some one tell me how to install the US map on my profile page? I see other profiles and they have the US map and colored in where all they have been caching. I'm not to brite on computers. Thank you for your help. mx1

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I'm new to the whole GPS thing, for only the last few weeks. I'm semi-retired, and when the youngest finishes college (2 more yrs) I'll be fully retired. Have several hobbies: Ham radio, collecting telegraph keys and cigarette lighters (don't smoke, tho), visit lighthouses, and drive the trolley at the Trolley Museum of New York, in Kingston NY. Haven't done any "caching" yet, since I'm still trying to figure out the Garmin eTrex. (Once I get it to make coffee, I'll be on the hunt).

I use the ID "codekeyguy", which is from the ham radio and key collecting side of my life, but why change now?

Now, back to the cave, to lurk some more!!!


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With 62 finds I'm still new. I have listed several caches and am learning more and more about geocaching. In my humble (neophyte) opinion - I have observed several ways to learn more about things.


A- go geocaching and see what geocachers are doing

B- post new listings and learn from mistakes as they are presented by the reviewers

C- email and communicate with other geocachers and

D- spend time in the forums.


Being so new I have not been completely comfortable posting much in the forums - a lurker I suppose. I believe that it is important for geocachers to spend time reading in the forums to learn more about how to list geocaches and other geocaching topics. Posting is not required for the educational benefit of the forums to be realized - just my opinion.


And I just wanted to introduce myself. HiYall -

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I seldom check out the forums as I figure it would take up all my time trying to keep up with it all. Even though I have enjoyed geocaching I find that I am disappointed to come to the realization that the powers that be don`t really care what we think. For example, a lot of people enjoyed the SGPS system. It added another dimension to geocaching. But even though it was wildly popular, geocaching.com decided it didn`t fit within their vision of geocaching. I also feel that the banishment of skydiver was over the top. I would really like to feel that our input was part of the decision making involved in the evolution of geocaching. After all, we are kind of like a church, and without a congregation there is no church. It follows then, that the congregation ought to have some influence in the matters of the church.

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Skydiver was a geocacher from Missoula, Mt. that created a website that ran in parallel with geocaching. At least that is the way I think of it. SGPS stands for Skydivers Geocaching Point System. Basically if you found any cache within 150 miles of Missoula it would assign a point value that constantly fluctuated based on several factors such as how often the cache was found, how hard it was to find, how hard it was to get there and so on. If you found caches within that area you didn`t have to do anything as it kept a running total of your points automatically. You didn`t have to sign up or do anything, you just became part of the system. Some people did object to not being able to opt out or remove their name from the system. It was all tongue in cheek as the points didn`t get you anything but if you reached 3000 points you got a little symbol added to your name called the 3K Club, 5280 points was the Mile High Club, and the last one Skydiver added was around 11000 points for the Orbital Club as that was the amount of miles over the earth that the satelites our GPS use orbit the earth. Geocaching objected to Skydivers website as they didn`t like encouraging a competitive atmosphere. It became to hard with the constant upgrades at Geocaching in their software for Skydiver to keep up with the changes so he created a whole separate website callled Terracaching.com. He adapted the "Terms of Use" agreement used on geocaching`s website to use on his and geocaching objected. They banned him from geocaching. Now please understand that what I described is just my best understanding. When I attempted to use the forums to ask why he was banned, basically my thread was shut down. I should also explain that the SGPS was a work in progress and wasn`t a perfect thing, much like geocaching. But where the SGPS only rated caches within 150 miles of Missoula, Terracaching is a worldwide system just like geocaching. You have to join and have two sponsors within the terracaching community, which isn`t hard as long as you post something about yourself in the "Applications for Sponsorship" forum. Shoot, a lot of people don`t even do that and get sponsored. And you can still see the final results of the SGPS system. I will try to post a web address shortly.

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I found that if you put "Skydivers Geocaching Point System" in the search bar of Google, that it brought up several links. That would be a lot quicker than typing in the web address. Good luck and I hope you like what you see. Even though I enjoy getting the points, I found that the harder ones worth the most points were the most interesting caches to find. They always take me to the neatest places. Somehow the SGPS encouraged me to go for the hardest ones and in the end the most rewarding even without the points. The points ended up being just a side benefit for me. I would like to say that Skydiver encourages everyone that is involved with terracaching to also enjoy all the other caching sites including geocaching. In the terracaching forums Skydiver goes by AngryKid. And even though my initial post here was a bit of a downer I would like to say, putting the political aspect aside, caching in all it`s forms is a great sport for families and individuals. My wife and I have really enjoyed it.

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hi, what is this all about? :D i am new to exploring the GCing site i only logged stuff in and got out. so after reading this. im like ok this is cool. what exactly is a lurker? and whats this about a pinned? and having "BEEF" with the creators of this siteand watch the "fur" fly:angry: ? could ya help? ;) oh i think i like the frog :D oh what am i kidding i love the frog :P its tottaly cute



--------------just to confuse ya---------------

im only one of the3kittens

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GPSherper here...


Alittle history-

I bought an etrex (old yeller) in 1998 for use on a trip to wyoming for some field work with amphibians, heard about geocaching around that time and joined the site. Never got a chance to look for a cache. Yeller served me quite well as a spedometer for my bike, hiking buddy, canoe-ing pal, etc. It had truly turned me into a techno geek...


In 2000, I upgraded to the Vista, I was hooked on the mapping ability and the storage capacity. The silver vista traveled to wyoming, kauai, Costa rica, North Woods of maine, the everglades. I take it with on business trips to amuse myself and my work buddies. Before jet blue was showing us where we were in the sky, i was logging air speed, alititude and location on the vista (i know, i know, bad idea!). I rejoined this site under a new name (long since forgot my original handle) in 2005 and lurked the forums. I attempted a near by cache but it was not to be found.


I find the info on the hardware forum instrumental in my upgrading to a GPSMAP 60Csx, using NiMH batteries and deciding on mapping software.


So far I think the CSX is sweet, I'm flying to Puerto Rico this friday to test it out on El Yunque.


I don't have much to add to most threads but when something stirkes me, I plan to participate.


Till then, I shall lurk...

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Hi! I'm just starting out. I have not yet been out to find a cache. I'm spending time on this board reading and trying to lear as much as possible. I have a 4 year old daughter who is very active and two dogs I'd like to go with me, especially if my husband does not go with me. I live in central Florida and I love being a mom and training my Rhodesian Ridgeback and my Westie. I have a great husband who supports me in everything I choose to do.



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Hey there:


I'm a graduate student in Ohio. I ran across geocaching in my literature searches. I'm actually planning on integrating GPS technology into my dissertation work, and here I run across this forum and find there's an active presence of this sport in my area...!


I just bought a Garmin etrex and I've been carrying it around for a few days. I might join in the geocaching fun as I get my proposal written... I should learn how to use the technology, it's all in the name of science. :P

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YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaa! We found our first cache today! I finally figured out how to use the Magellan

Explorist 200!


I got all of the information right on this forum! What a bunch of helpful people!


I took a button with a clock face on it and left an ivory skull.


I am in the North Texas area and going to enjoy this fun!


Chuckwagon :D

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I have only posted a couple times. Mostly just read the posts. Do not attend any geocaching events, never will, but love to cache. I am usually flamed in other local caching forums that I read because I am working with a local REC board to place caches in their parks. They are considered lame by hard core/long time cachers, because they do not involve long hikes or great scenery. They are really meant to encourage new people to geocache in the community as a way of introduction to caching. So I guess I lurk because I figure the same would happen here. And really, would a semi-newbie's opinion really count? I really don't think so. Seems like there are many, many more long term cachers that have more to say. I just read. I do get a lot of information from gc site. And some of the messages in certain discussions are hilarious. Some cachers are very eloquent with their words and it makes for great reading. :(

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Been lurking here for a few months now, learning the "art" of geocaching before making a purchasing decision.


Well, I got my Legend Cx yesterday! Spent several hours learning the menus, configuring, etc. Can't wait to get out in the real world and try it!

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