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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Noob here. Got the 'bug' after the local newspaper ran a story about a local geocacher. Sounded like fun. Got my GPS a few weeks ago & am now terribly, horribly hooked. The Geo-Pet loves getting out to 'hunt' in the woods, and even my mom thinks this is fun.


A few travel bugs are 'in the mail,' and we will get out one of these days to scope out a location for a cache of our own. ... I doubt we will be SuperCachers, but it is a fun little hobby to get us out of the house :laughing:

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Hi, another lurker here. My name is Deanna, from Austin, TX. I started caching around Christmas of '04, when my best friend and I gave each other a GPS for Christmas! It's been a lot of fun! Honestly, I didn't even know about the forums, even though I log onto geocaching.com all the time. I just never paid attention to anything other than logging my finds and finding more caches! Then, the other night, I arrived at the forums by accident...misclick or something? I started reading and I have never laughed so hard. Some of the stories and photos are hilarious! I saw a lot of anger, too..........Anyway, I hope to participate if ever I feel I have anything important to say!!!!! :rolleyes:

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:lol: Am I a lurker if I post on my first visit to this forum? :lol: Hello all, I am happy to announce my first find after discovering Geocaching a mere 2 days ago. I also am a n00b from NM and am hooked on this new (to me) sport. Hope to meet some of you on the trails, RR :lol:
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Hi...im new...i lurk...i find some of these threads highly amusing. But seeing as i'm new...i am hesitant to jump in. I did mention my fondness for the llamas :unsure: I was recently introduced to geocaching while on a trip to Colorado to visit a friend. As a former moderator of another type of group..i saw lots of "angst" posts..so i am going to try to stay out of the way as muchas possible..it takes all the fun out of why we are all here to begin with. :unsure: But feel free to entertain me

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Hi...im new...i lurk...i find some of these threads highly amusing. But seeing as i'm new...i am hesitant to jump in. I did mention my fondness for the llamas :lol: I was recently introduced to geocaching while on a trip to Colorado to visit a friend. As a former moderator of another type of group..i saw lots of "angst" posts..so i am going to try to stay out of the way as muchas possible..it takes all the fun out of why we are all here to begin with. :unsure: But feel free to entertain me

You mean, let me understand this ... cuz I ... maybe its me, maybe I'm a little messed up maybe. We're funny how, I mean funny, like we're clowns? We amuse you. We make you laugh? We're here to freakin' amuse you? Whattya you mean funny? Funny how? How are we funny? :unsure:

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Hi all. Not a lurker yet as I just started Caching about 3 weeks ago. Have been learning the ropes, and started reading the Forums for helpful hints and information. Saw this forum, so thought I would say hello!


Since starting Caching, my oldest daughter has joined me, and now we comprise Team Greywolf. Also, our enthusiasim has infected a long time friend of mine, who also ran out and got his own GPSr after tagging along with us one weekend (I will leave his intro to him, if he decides to stop by!) To date we have 17 finds, plus a White Jeep to our credit! I am hooked, I am so hooked!


My handle is Papawolf. So a BIG HELLO from the mid-USA to all my new found fellow addicts!



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I'm a lurker and I'm Proud. Most of the time I just cruise around the Forum to find info. When I'm sitting on just over 100 finds it just doesn't feel right to disagree with someone posting info who has over 2000 finds. That's just my 2 cents but you don't have to agree with it since I'm still a rookie.

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I am a lurker, :P I like to lurk around to see what I can learn on this forum. I find a lot of humor and needed info for me that are posted on here, what a great bunch of people! :D Most of the posts are interesting and lots of fun to read. There are also some posts that annoy me also but you have to take the good with the bad. I have learned more on here about geocacheing and about how people go about playing the game and what they expect and what they do not like. Well you can't please everyone all the time! :D Thanks for the place to come and learn and chukle!

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I was really enjoying caching with my two grandsons :)


and then they discovered GIRLS (they are now 16)

Certainly Grandpa cannot compete with THAT ! and their new car. :D

Difficult to cache alone.


Then I discovered(Painfully) that I am allergec to Wasp and Bee stings. I now have to carry one of those stab-yourself-in-the-leg thingies for that. :)

Not really sure how much chasing through the woods I need to do.


Perhaps we need to establish a new type of cache for OLD FARTS like me. You know something that is accessable with a WALKER. :rolleyes:


My handle of OLDFRED is apt......I have cleared the advanced age of 66

Listen to ME fellow cachers...............



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Hi all, I've been lurking for a month or so. Done some caching...not many as I'm a weekend cacher. But I'm loving it. I drag my hubby with me or the girls but I haven't got them hooked yet. I'm sure I will given time :laughing:


Hope to participate more on the boards soon, but must admit that seeing how some new posters are treated...makes me a bit leery. :laughing:


But I will continue to lurk and gain info and have a chuckle. Hopefully will meet some fellow cachers on the trail.

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I am an occasional lurker... I travel a lot on business and usually can only grab time to search during waits for changes in transportation (on the way to the airport for example).


Only occasionally because I don't have time to read through a lot of messages that don't provide information or insights. That said, I basically agree with Cloudcatcher (or was that Cloudcacher?) I do wish for more powerful keyword searchs to help find pertinent messages to questions I am looking for more efficiently.

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I am a relatively new lurker..I just started caching this month, and dont feel I have much to add yet to the forums. I am learning alot from the forums, and I really appreciate them. I am having a great time, one day I will find my forum voice. :anitongue:

My post! You stole my post!!!



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Just so anyone doesn't think these posts are going unread!


I was a lurker once, but now even though I'm no longer a lurker at all, I still lurk here in the "Who Are The Lurkers?" thread. I'm even subscribed to the thread, so I get to lurk by email! Really!


Do I need help?





September 3, 2005 @ 12:07 AM

N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

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I mostly just read the forums but on occasion that i do log something. But i do have to agree that there is too much whining going on. I still consider myself a newbie with a little bit of water behind my ears and have learned a good bit,but when i do run across where there is too much whining i just go somewhere else

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Signed up in July this year and I really enjoy these forums. I've posted a couple and replied to a few. I don't care for it when someone post what I think is a good question and gets jumped on because it was posted prior. Us newbies don't know what subjects are "old hat". We're trying to learn the sport. As I said, I like the forums!

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I am all too familiar with sport based forums. As a climber first and foremost I spend much time on my local boards cascadeclimbers.com and ascensionist.com and I have seen many new folks get raped and scared away.

All too often valuable information or personalities get an uneeded tramping as too many "cooks" add their spices :lol:

Lurking is good and if I have a valid question it shall be asked :)

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I guess I'm an intermittent lurker. I've been a premium member for just over a year and only have 16 finds! I come to the forum and hit it hard for about 3 days, then leave for a month or 2. I do that with all forums.


I started in California. A friend told me about it, but had to actually drive to Sacramento to kick me into actually doing it!


Then I went to Arizona for the winter and did a few caches. I quickly found out the 90% of the caches around Quartzsite require 4WD! This winter, the Dodge 4WD is going with me!


Currently in Wyoming for the summer (2 more weeks), and my friend had to drive up here to kick me again! If it wasn't for her, I might not get the push!


I've found a few on my own, but usually am busy with other things. Now, with gas prices, it may be awhile! It's fun...I don't know why I do this!

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Ive noticed how hostile it can get in here in just the few weeks ive been caching. Its even worse in places like yahoo chat or AIM. It gets way too out of hand however i find it very amusing for people to threaten oneanother and act like a total mad man and or woman. Deep down they know they will never come into contact with that person. For that reason i became a voyeur or lurker. If we can all act like adults then we can carry on adult conversations or child conversations, i hope i never get old....lol BTW im a newbie to the sport and love it...Hope to bump into one of you guys/girls on the hunt.

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Hello. I'm not new to geocaching, been doing it since July 2003. I am a lurker, but have posted a few times when I needed advice and had questions. I haven't had any hostile remarks from any posts, everyone has been very helpful. Which I feel most geocachers are....we are such a rare enigma and friendly too!


I just recently went to my first geocaching event, the Chicago GC Picnic. I had such a blast and am looking forward to doing more GC events. This past year I have been more involved in caching, actually I have acknowledged my addiction to geocaching.


I am a lurker though, but enjoy reading posts on the forums. I enjoy Groundspeak, but prefer my local forum, GEONIL. (I know more of the cachers)


Well there you go, my 2 cents and my 'official' introduction to the forum.




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I've been watching this site for a couple months now, ever since I got a GPS card for my PocketPC. Embarassingly enough it took me a full week to figure out how to use GPXSonar, but I think I'm all setup to cache paperlessly.

The more I read through posts the happier I was that I waited to start finding caches. I'm still not fully up on the etiquette of this sport, but the wife and I logged our first find yesterday.

Looking forward to finging some more!

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I'm a lurker and a newbie. I have a 12-year old son who doesn't enjoy my crafting hobbies so I thought this was something we could do together and the technology has him hooked. We just got our GPS this week and we are learning how to use it. Hopefully will find a few local caches this weekend.


I lurk to learn. :laughing:


Looking forward to getting to know everyone.



in Mich

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