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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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I am a lurker I guess :lol: ....this is my 4th post, but also only my 1st day on the forums. We have been geocaching for almost a year now, but I have never really taken the time to look through all the posts. I actually never really understood how to get around in here until I took the time tonight because I was bored silly! :lol: I have an opinion about people who spend a lot of time in these forum things, but I'll keep it to myself for now cause I don't feel like getting slammed! :lol:

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I am also a lurker, having spent most of my waking hours in the month I have been enjoying this sport, out on the trails. I will take a moment to thank everyone that has offered help and advice in getting me started, and also to those that have made this sport what it is!

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I have posted a few times.Last year I got nothing out of the Forum.Alot of short anwsers that made you feel like Daa Are you stupid! Last month I posted and I recieved lots of help and very fast replys.I loved it.Our GPS is working fine now,with the help of the Forum.Some posting on caches that are found are pretty crappy.People type in what they think about areas,what was in it,or how it was hid.This game is fun for my family and I.We might not do this everyday.The team work we have to do is just what a young family needs and bonds..Team Reno

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I'm de-lurking long enough to introduce myself. I don't often post to forums, as I tend to want to make sure I know the answer before I shoot off my mouth. (A lesson learned through experience.) As I am fairly new to Geocaching, this means I am doing far more reading than typing. I wish I had the time to do more of both.


I'm married, in Cache Valley, Utah. (The valley was so named because the mountain men regularly left caches of supplies and equipment here.) I have three kids, and we have been caching for a little over a month now. I also have several brothers who also cache with their families. Now I must leave, as we are trying to go find a cache or two...

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;) I'm a lurker for now. We are fairly new to this and need to get a feel for the postings. But keep your eyes open because..........Once we get started we just don't know how to stop. Love the life of being Geo Cachers. Started in Jacksonville Florida with my daughter and family....(The SuzyQ's) now we are back in Western New York and finding it a bit hard to fall in line with this type of hiding. We promise to keep stepping in once in awhile and letting you know just who we are....The Kile Mates..... :P
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:D Yep. That's us. We geocache as a family activity and I hope we never run into some of the folks who rant and rave on these boards. I used to drop by a lot, but now it just seems every topic is hostile and someone always wants to pick a fight.


Anyway, my 2 cents. We love geocaching, are premium members, and will continue to do our thing in our own way leaving the fights to those inclined to do so.



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Hi! <_< well I am new to all of this- I do have a gps but I am selling it (176c) as it is more suited for boat applications - so when I get the $$ for that I will prob. purchase the 60cs... <_< also I am trying out my avatar that my son made for me - clever little dude! :mad:


signing off from the other side of Canada where the ocean meets the mountains :mad: "vancouver rocks!" I think....

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I'm a lurker because I'm brand new. I'm so new that I haven't even gotten a GPS yet. I'm very interested in this thing called geocaching though, so for now I'm just trying to read everything I can and soak it all up.

Don't worry though, I'll ask a question when I have one.

Well thats my offcial first post. :blink:

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I've been reading posts, so as to learn what goes on in this world of geocaching!

I've been geocaching for about 4 months now. My first exposure to GPS was when I was in the Army. The receiver unit was huge and fit in the back of a jeep! Believe me the handheld units are much more accurate! :(



Flagstaff, Arizona

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OK, so I have lurked around a few months... Sorry.... :(


I have a quick question though, would it be alright to have a travel bug hitch a ride with a GeoMuggle and pass it off to a Cacher? I am hoping that the muggle is a future cacher as they sound very interested, and the bug could use the ride.


Let me know.



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I don't know if I am a lurker. I don't know why I'm even up this late when I have to get up early and rush out the door with 4 kids for swim practice! I'm new. We haven't even started geocaching. I just found out about it at Blackwater Falls, WV. They had a brochure at the Nature Center and the guy who camped next to us (avid cacher) gave us a few more details about what it was. Pretty cool I thought. My kids would love it and I love navigating! I am a bit old fashioned however. I don't own a GPS and don't intend to use one for now. We will be doing it the old way with a map and a compass. I want the kids to learn how to read a map and compass . Great Geography lessons.. (I also homeschool) Having kids ages 3 - 10 limits us anyway to the more easy coordinates. I can't wait to start!


As for the uglies..I don't have the time to read what is not pertinant to my learning what this whole "thing" is about. We just want to have fun and give hiking a little more incentive than naming the trees, wildflowers and seeing squirrels.


Oh, forgot to introduce myself, my name is Helena, I'm a single mom (and very happy this way ;) ) and live in No. Virginia.

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Hello All,

I'm also a lurker. B) I have been caching for less than 3 months. Found out about geocaching while out hiking and came across someone who was very nice & introduced me into this new sport? B) I read this forum daily but rarely post. When I do, I have received very insightful information when I've posted questions here. B) People were very friendly & patient even though I'm sure my questions were asked a 100 times before. ;) Yes, I do do(Do-Do?Hmmm :P ) searches to prevent redundant questions but for the most part I read the searches & If I have something specific that I need help with there are always someone ready to answer my questions very quickly. :D Most of the time I just scan through the topics & if something interests me I'll give it a peek, if not I just move on. I try to stay clear of the hot topics & debates, would much rather be out caching or prepping for the next cache than to spend valuable caching time on such things. I figure if you want to jump in on the Hot flame wars, rage on! If not, Cache on! B)


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Well, I'm a newbie cacher (been interested in Geocaching and wanting to get a hand held GPS for other things for a couple of years, but I was too cheap. Recently I got a Magellan Platinum as a "reward" where I work, so now I can geocache too) and have been lurking awhile.


I've made a couple of posts and will apply what I've learned over the years from other forums I have used.

I will gladly discuss (mostly) any topic in a polite way, no matter how much I may disagree with someone, but the first flame, personal attack or "you idiot" comments will result in no further replies from me. I've found it's really the only way to deal with folks like that.

And if I inadvertantly offend someone, which I've been known to do <_< , I have no problem making a public appology.

Hope this hasn't offended anyone :mad:

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Okay....yes, I'm a lurker. I have made a few posts but not many. I was recently educated as to what a "lurker" is. Thank you very much! I log on to the forums almost daily but mostly to read about what's going on in the Geocaching world. I rarely feel the impulse to comment and would only do so if I thought my thoughts and words would truly help someone.


I once made the mistake of shooting off my mouth (half jokingly...more sarcastically) through a posting and it really bothered that person. Luckily they were kind enough to help me see my mistake, teach me about the community and we actually enjoy caching together from time to time.


Just wanted to say "hi"! I will probably keep lurking but will do my best to post from time to time.


Strohem :o

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:blink: Well I guess it is time to take the mask off :lol: I have Geocaching for a short time and have been looking through the forums for awhile trying to find information that will help and make this more enjoyable.... I still seem to have a problem with finding micros :P Since starting my son of 4 has loved to find the "treasures". Well time to go :lol:
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Hi I'm Lucy....guess I'd be categorized as a lurker. Fairly new to forums....I do glean a lot of info from the posts. I also get entertained. Part of the attraction to cacheing is the sillines and absurdity. The game can be too serious at times. The team I cache with has been known to be more than a little tongue in cheek....so I get a kick out of seeing some of that here. There is a point of no return, I suppose, and some have found it. I have seen some flame throwing and smelled some burnt toast, but I think for the most part there is a good balance. I intend to lurk and maybe add my two cents now and then.

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I guess I'm a lurker... had 2 posts under my belt and didn't even remember. :( I think for some it's intimidation, it's hard to be as witty as some of the people on here. I don't notice the whining so much, guess I automatically skip over it or something. Also, I would rather have people think I'm a fool, than open my mouth and remove all doubt! :(

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Hello, I am also guilty of lurking. I did not go onto the forums until recently when I needed (and still need help check out National Parks and Recreation Association session) I am still kinda a newbie and don't want to step on any toes, or have anyone step on mine so I don't post. OK that's it. Have a great day. :P

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i'm a lurker-turned-poster-about-to-revert-to non-lurker-non-poster...tried being sociable a few times but it seems as if on-going conversations continue as if i wasn't there...hurts more than a dnf! :P:P

Not all cachers are Like that, just the special ones. Come visit us in Abject Silliness next time your in town. We are always happy to have new friends. :D

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