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Delaware Geocaching Tour?

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I just finished this trail in August of 2016 and got a coin and know others who finished in March of 2017 and also got a coin. It's a beautiful trackable geocoin and was a nice reward for finding all the caches. The 'trail' is very well maintained and has been up since 2009. Any maintenance problems are addressed in a timely manner. It may not be an 'official' geotour but in my experience so far with those, this one has a much better maintenance plan. It is very well done and highlights many great places in Delaware. I highly recommend it. You can probably contact the Delaware department of tourism for more info or just type in Delaware Geocaching Trail in your favorite search engine, download a passport and your ready to start finding caches and collect code words. They also have a beer wine and spirits trail as well in the same vein.  Passport/code word/prize so you might want to work on that one as well while your finding caches. :)


Edit:  I see Rock Chalk has already added it to the map of tours. 

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Though a few years late, I can shed some light here. My wife and I ran into two of the CO's of the delaware trail while completing CAM last year. When I mentioned I wasn't able to get to the Delaware Trail before it disappeared, they said it was because the response for the coins dropped dramatically after 2016, so they discontinued the Trail. I didn't ask if that meant coins were technically still available. 

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