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Electric Bicycles, Motorcycles and Scooters Rentals

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We have received several inquiries about Electric Bicycles with the possibility of them being approved in the Battery Powered Personal Transport Rental category.

These electric bicycles were excluded from the category when first proposed and approved with this exclusion.


The Bicycle Rental category will accept  ONLY as stated in the requirements "Bicycles must be at least partially human-powered and have wheels and pedals in order to qualify for this category."


It seems logical to just expand the existing category to include these e-bikes that are not partially human-powered.  Then we are faced with the dilemma of  e-motorcycles, e-scooters or e-bicycles that are not partially human-powered. There maybe other possibilities that are available for rental that I just have not thought to include. I would think no cars, or those covered by another category such as personal transports as described in the Battery Powered Personal Transport Rental category.


Just something to think about. 


While I am at it, I have requested that the name of the category: Battery Powered Personal Transport Rental be changed to Electric Personal Transport Rentals I did not receive a reply. Still would like to simplify the name of the category - Thoughts?



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