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Easier way to log in a TB or just log a visit?

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I use my GPSr to Geocache and then log my find on my phone.  But, I've changed it and wait until I get home to log in my finds for the main reason for logging in TBs. I find that when I log a find, the option to also visit, drop, pick up a TB, isn't there.  I find that after I log my find, I have to go to my profile, then enter my inventory, find the cache that I just found, add a comment, and log it! 

I remember when it was a lot easier with this app for this specific purpose... The option was there when logging in a find and it was an easy click. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this the new way now? 

I find now that I don't even use my phone anymore and just use my Garmin. I'd like to go back to my old ways and log a find and dip a TB at the same time. 

I took a break from Geocaching for a little while for personal reasons and I'm back Geocaching again and I find the new version seems good in some ways, but this is the only con, for me, about this app.

If anyone else knows of an easier way, let me know! Thanks!  

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