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Disks Not Found in Search


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I was in Big Bend National Park this last week and stumbled upon two BMs on Old Ore Road. We took GPS coordinates and had to wait until we got back home to look for them (no signal out there, of course!). When we entered the GPS data on them, they did not come up in the search. It showed some over 3 miles away (in a location we had visited but had no idea there was a BM there, unfortunately), but the actual ones we located were not coming up in the results anywhere.

Anybody have any ideas on whether we did something wrong, if the results are not exhaustive, or some other advice? We were pretty pumped about finding them and are a little disheartened that we can't log them.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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1 hour ago, Dame Deco said:

I'm sorry to say that the geocaching.com database is a snapshot only from one point in time, I think, and very incomplete.  It's not uncommon at all to find benchmarks that aren't in the gc.om database.


We've found over a hundred that aren't in the system.  Still fun to find.    :)

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Thank you for the replies! These were set in 1903, but I just don't know that much about the reporting of BM locations. Thanks, Z15 for the link. I'll try that and see if they come up there. 


My dad stumbled upon some in other parts of the park a few months back, but we couldn't go there because of the torrential downpours that happened during our visit and washed out some roads. I'm interested to see if they're in the database, but that'll have to wait until our next trip!


Again, thank you for your help. This community is always so responsive and knowledgeable - I love y'all!

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Well, I tried the link and it shows 4 BMs on the main park road, but none anywhere near I found my two, or the few my dad found on his last trip. Very interesting. The link looks to be incredibly helpful for planning where to look when I'm out traveling. I really appreciate the information for a new tool.

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