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The New World Order.

Voss Piety

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I live! I am not so easily crushed beneath the heal of your capitalistic ideals Dr.Isotope. Here is a teaser to your future demise. Enjoy it in divx while you can.


I have released my New World Order cache to seek those who favor a new One World Government. CD's have been released to trusted cachers, others will be dropped off in existing caches. There is no conspiracy to hear it.


My Illuminati family know what TRUELY is below your 1 dollar pyramid. Do you? >V<

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Dang, lots of people up at this hour. icon_biggrin.gif Looks like that down load speed is S-L-O-W. No worries as I 'heard' the teaser is also on the disc's.


Oh, I also understand the cache ID is GCGF2N. Hmm.. just in case those cachers currently with disks need to write that down somewhere... icon_razz.gif



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At long last, the NEW world ORDER is available to the public.


I will be placing more disks in local caches, as well as handing them out on the street corner. Secondly, I have placed the teaser in one other location, lets hope they download faster there.. If not, just grab a disk and view it there. icon_smile.gif


Note: Nevermind, this link doesnt work either. Looks like I will have to get myself a real webpage.. that costs MONEY!!

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