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This is an update to a previous email.


Can I just say your Wherigo kit program has been a dream to use!


As a Mac user with an iPhone I greatly appreciate it when platforms just work (a rare occurrence in my experience). I'm putting together my first Wherigo as a tour with a puzzle at the end and the Question & Answer Kit was super easy to work with. Right-clicking to create and edit zones was intuitive, and being able to zoom in on the satellite map meant the zones were pretty much bang on target.

Exporting to the emulator couldn't have been easier and it gave me real confidence that the final version would work in the field - which it did!

In that regard, I was pleasantly surprised and then impressed that I could export in gwc format and be running the cartridge on my phone prior to official publication. This was really fantastic. I've just come back from a "live" test in the field and can't believe how true to my plan the cartridge is running. Even for a couple of zones that I realised could have had better placement, the drag-and-drop ability to correct their position on the map was crazy easy!


I've had some formatting issues, which could be iOS-related. I initially thought I was unable to enter hard returns. I've now published my cartridge to Wherigo.com and have narrowed down the problem to a formatting susceptibility within message actions. I don't seem to have problems with formatting and punctuation within zone titles or zone descriptions. Everything also seems fine within question actions. However, within message actions I lose hard returns and in the Wherigo.com output cartridge all my punctuation is replaced with question marks.


I think I can work around these issues, because hyphens seem to be unaffected. So I've either removed all punctuation or used hyphens within my message actions.


This is just a comment to let you know, thanks again for a great product!

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This was handled via private email.  I forgot to approve of the post after that.  (This was what caused me to ask the forum what Android does for line returns.)

What it was is this: Kit will compile the cartridge through our Wherigo Foundation compiler, which will deal with line returns as it does.  However, when you download from Wherigo.com, it uses a different compiler, and this seems to work with all the devices.

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