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App not showing all Caches

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Using the new App (not Classic), Premium Member (Log-in confirmed) and confirmed no filters applied.


Using the App on my Samsung S7, I see this map of GCs for the Yarm, UK area:



Whilst the equivalent area on the website gives me this:



Clearly, the app is failing to display all available caches.


Any ideas why I'm not seeing all the available GCs in the App?

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Using my Android phone (LG) and the official app (version 5.5.1), I was able to see all the caches in the area you indicated. Not sure why you're only seeing the single cache.


I have noticed a bit of 'lag' with the app in the past few days, where it seems like icons aren't loading all at once. I panned over a bit from the area you indicated and one Trad icon appeared, then I went to the website to find that area to see how many should be shown, when I looked at the app again there were two more icons (Multi and Trad). The total number of caches in that screen loaded, but it just too a while.


It seems odd to me that the "loading geocaches..." bar goes away at the top of the screen, but then there's still a lag before the cache icons actually appear on the screen.

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Thanks for looking at the same area.


I did the usual panning and zooming around, etc. To try and force a reset of the area but nothing comes up even after a long wait.


I removed and reinstalled the App last night and they are all back. So I guess something got screwed up somewhere.

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