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Needs maintenance on Profile page

the Seagnoid

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I would like to make it easier to manage the maintenance of my caches. At the moment, beyond the original Needs Maintenance log email, it is difficult to know that any caches needs maintenance, with specifically hunting for them.


I propose that the Geocaches section of the Profile page be amended to include caches that need maintenance. Something like:


Recently viewed




Unpublished hides (4) (in bold font)

Needs maintenance (6) (in bold font)


Like the Unpublished hides, the line would disappear if there are no entries.

Not only would this make it easier for cache owners to manage their maintenance, it would subtly encourage then to do so, and thus provide a better experience for cache finders.

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This seems to be addressed in This Thread.


Since many logs we see for other COs have mentions of cache issues sometimes months before a cache finally gets a NM, we decided to check by mention in logs instead.

- We don't see ideas like this easier for COs to manage their maintenance, but view it as a good idea for those who tend to not notice otherwise. :)

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We don't see ideas like this easier for COs to manage their maintenance, but view it as a good idea for those who tend to not notice otherwise. :)


It is easier because it is highlighted on the main profile page (for those of us who check our main profile page!) The other alternatives are start creating a new cache - I only do that when I want to create a new cache, or list my hides and scroll through the hard way to find those that need maintenance. Geocaching should be encouraging maintenance, and an obvious way to do that is to make it VERY easy to find those hides that need maintenance.

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I would like to see not only Needs Maintenance, but Disabled too. I'm a cache owner that tries to keep our caches in good shape but i have to admit, i sometimes forget that i have caches that need checking. Especially with cache activity being so slow around here, a cache might sit in bad shape for a month or two before something else comes along to remind me.


I realize it's my fault for having such a bad memory. And i know i could write things down or come up with other ways of keeping those caches in the fore front but,, it sure would be nice if i could just go to my profile/dashboard and see under "geocaches", caches disabled and caches that need maintenance.

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