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BadgerDawg 4 Big Bear Cache

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Hey guys, currently, Big Bear is dealing with the Holcomb Fire, so the brave men and women of the forestry fire fighting crew, are currently battling one of the many fires we've had this summer so far.


I just received a phone call from my Brother-In-Law, who is part of one of the many hotspot crews out on the battle field today. He found a geocache and gave me the name of the owner and name of the cache. He didn't tell me his EXACT location, but I'm hoping the name helps. I wasn't able to find the cache under the free edition and as of right now, I'm unable to renew my premium during this time.


I'm hoping one of the many avid geocachers out there can help me log this cache for my brother in law online.

The information he was able to give me was the following, the cache was hidden back in 2005 and the most recent find, besides his, was back in 2013.


The cache is named BadgerDog 4 (or BadgerDawg 4). It was created by geocacher, BadgerCacher.


I've found his profile, but I'm unable to locate this specific cache on his page.


My brother in law isn't an avid cacher, like many of you, but, he was excited and shocked to have found a box in the middle of no where in Big Bear. He did sign the log and I placed it back. By the sounds of it, survived the Holcomb Fire thus far.


If ANYONE can help me log and update its condition, during this fire battle, I would greatly appreciate it!

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