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Can't upload drafts


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Maybe the file is corrupt? What do you see when you open it?


Or maybe the file is too big? Try to delete all entries except the ones you want to upload, or copy the entries you want to upload to a new text file.


When you're done, you can delete (back-up) the geocache_visits.txt file. It will be recreated as soon as you log another cache.

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It seems that there is an issue with the new "upload drafts".


When I use it with my Etrex 30 I have the same error message.

But if I click on the "Opt out" link at the top right, I can go on the old page, and there it works.


Something to correct on the new "upload draft" functionality ?

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Same here, a file from an Etrex30 which I successfully uploaded a week ago won't upload through the new drafts page, but will through the old drafts page, same for a drafts file generated today.


I get


"geocache_visits-2017-06-25.txt" is not in the correct format.
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