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Sunday get-together in Portland?


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Given how we're leaving on vacation for parts down under real soon, we'd like to have one more bash before then. What do people think of Sunday evening the 13th? We're thinking Imbrie Hall at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.


Sorry Tuesday night crew - Tuesday would be too late.


If someone has a travel bug they'd like to go to Australia, bring it!



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Sounds like it might be doable depending on the time. We have some plans but sunday evening may be open. If we are not too busy creating a new world order icon_wink.gif


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Sometimes it leaves completely...



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Sorry dudes,

We're going caching/camping out the Calapooia and McKenzie Rivers Friday through Sunday. I can tell you now that we'll be too bushed to show up after an active weekend caching in 'the boonies.'


Temporarily French Polynesia's most prolific geocachers!

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If the weather is nice, and I expect it to be, then we'll be outside. We'll bring our flashing stars.


Once again, This Sunday, 7/13, 7pm PDT, Imbrie Hall, Cornelius Pass Roadhouse. N45 32.955 W122 54.052.


Don't forget to bring travel bugs that would like to go to Australia!



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T'was great seeing y'all again. Sorry we missed some of the regulars that headed out earlier. Have a great trip guys. It'll be nice to have a break from all the pyramids and plays, but we'll look forward to hearing from you when you get back. Thanks for getting everyone together. It was great seeing some new faces as well as the old ones.


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