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Northern California / Southern Oregon caching event

The GeoGadgets Team

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Hi all... I know that I haven't posted in a long time, but it doesn't mean that we are no longer caching.


In fact, I am in the process of putting together an geocaching event for either of the first two weeks of August.


I already have five or six new caches waiting for this event to be placed (cachers who attend will have first shot at them), many sponsors on board who are donated some pretty cool swag, and a great place to hold it, close to camping and other lodging (for out of the area cachers).


I'm getting ready to post it to as an event cache, but I am asking Southern and Central Oregonians and those in Northern California which weekend would be better.


Understand that I know I won't be able to find a consensus (?), but August 2nd and 3rd is the weekend that the local Del Norte County Fair is being held. Would those attending rather not come during that time, or would you like to come during that weekend as it gives more options of what to do while here in town?


The other option is August 9th and 10th. School won't have started yet, and that is the latest I'll probably get if I expect a decent turn out.


Thoughts? Suggestions? Any volunteers for putting on kid caching games?


Thanks In Advance!

RedwoodRed (aka: Lori) of the GeoGadgets Team, Crescent City, California


How much red would a redwood red if a redwood could red wood?

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I think either weekend would be a good one. For myself the weekend of the fair would be good, mostly because my wife likes going to fair's. If all goes well I will try to be there.


Don't hunt what you can't kill!

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Originally posted by Lazyboy & Mitey Mite:

You're going to allow Oregonions to attend? Is that wise????


First weekend works great, second weekend works. I guess I'd better start downloading some NoC caches.


Allow Oregonians? Allow Granties Panties and Med-Head cachers? Well, hell! Why not! It is a PARTY after all. Now, if we could get oregone to show up, THAT would be a party! At least we'd have an excellent, though skewed written description of it, right!


I think I'm going to post it as the second weekend. Sorry BDC... sponsor-wise that makes for more cool swag when I don't have to compete with the livestock auction (sheesh - I suppose when my kids get into 4H or FFA I'll care).


On a side note, anyone who needs a respite from the heat tomorrow, Saturday the 26th, the local theatre and I are hosting a Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) look-alike contest, a live radio broadcast and give away of awesome goodies from 3 to 6 p.m., culminating with the 6:30 p.m. showing of "Cradle of Life". Now, let's hope that that will be a party. Women, dressed like Lara Croft? Yee-haw... or so Steak said.


Go to: Beauty With Attitude for all of the details.



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I'm glad to see this event Is up and running icon_razz.gif. Well If you ever do have a event cache let a couple of us Southern Oregon cacher's know and I'm sure quite a few of us would be there. A little notice Is all that Is needed. Just place some caches In trash bags to make them feel at home.


Don't hunt what you can't kill!

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