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new cache reviews?


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I've had anything from under an hour to just under a week, it's all in the timing between when I click submit and when our reviewer clears the queue. My average would be about 3 days I guess.


Edit to add: I try to make it as easy as possible for the reviewer, with details of land zoning, puzzle solution method if applicable and copious photos of the waypoints, container and hiding place.

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Completely dependent on the Reviewers' response time which varies. My experience is anywhere from a few hours to a week for the initial response. My MA reviewer uses a "two stage" response system where you send in your caches with a reviewer note explaining everything and then you get a "boilerplate response" asking where the cache is, what it is, how it is attached, indicate that you used no nails or screws, made no holes in the ground, have landowner permission and that it has no military markings. Once you point out that you already did all that, and/or provide any information missing, it gets published, generally within a couple hours to a few days. Reviewers in other states (RI, FL) general publish in a day or two.


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