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Ursus Maxmus Cedit Mare VII


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Due to several stuff ups and circumstances it looks like the Ursimus maximus Cedit Mare VII will not be an official event cache. So what went wrong despite me being reminded by at least two cachers of the impending event<br data-text="true">1. I was slack and despite the two reminders though I had more time and when I went to make the listing I was a day late and it only let me choose the date of the 18th the Sunday after the actual Saturday 17th event day.<br data-text="true">2. I submitted the event anyway with a plea to give me leeway for the day. Or so I thought. Turns out that i only submitted a reviewer note and not submitted for review - an important difference. So I have only in fact submitted the event today when I was checking up why I had not heard anything. I had been taking the new news is good news approach. <br data-text="true">3, I had on the same day i though I had submitted it sent a personal email to Bruce and Rodney (to the email addresses I had on file - I just checked and the emails were sent but never replied too<br data-text="true">4. I filter my mail from Groundspeak and don;t actually read it - else I woudl have seen that my submission was only a reviewer note not a real submission<br data-text="true">So it was a perfect storm - I am hoping against hope that the event can be allowed but we will see - I will probably get a reply tomorrow<br data-text="true">But the swim is still on even if it will not be an event so I hope to see all the regulars there<br data-text="true">Saturday 17 Clifton 4th as usual 10am sharp

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