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What is best way to create bookmark list for phone?

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What's the best way to create a bookmark list for use with the new app on my Android phone?


I'm planning a 1600+ mile road trip and I've spent several hours using GSAK to find and select about 50 caches with high favorite points in the five states I'll be visiting. Now I'd like to create a list so I can view those caches on my phone.


I know that I can go to the website, create a new bookmark list, then manually copy and paste the GC code for each cache (one at a time) to add it to the list. But is there a better way?


I'm going to generate a GPX file to load on my Garmin GPS. Is there any way (either on the website or the phone) to import the GPX file and use that to create the list?


GC dev team: If there's no good way to achieve this, can you please add it to the backlog for consideration as a future enhancement?



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When you have the caches filtered as you wish in GSAK, select Geocaching.com access > Add to bookmark list... You will then be able to add all of those caches to the list you choose, which will then be accessible from both the app and the web.

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