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Deleted Lists are still in Lists

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In the Lists view, it tells me I have 99 lists. I've run into the issue with 100 being the limit. By the way, why is 100 the limit on lists?????


Now that the Pocket Querys and Bookmark Lists are both showing up -- do they combine to be the 100?


Also - both showing up is very confusing when one has generated a PQ from the Bookmark.


So back to my story. I have 99 lists -- I scroll down and find a few "test" lists to delete. I delete them from the APP and it tells me "This list has already been deleted."

It is no longer on the website but it is on my phone.


Also the "sorting" by last updated is completely ridiculous when you have 99 lists.


Can't you put -- Most 10 recent at the top and then make them alphabetical after that?

It takes forever to find the right list if I haven't used it in 2 days.


Thanks for taking the time to work on this app and get the features into it ... but some of the annoying things have been there

for a long time and aren't being addressed.

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