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Force Refresh of Caches in Area

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If I'm looking for caches in the App -- whether it be at my current location or somewhere else I've scrolled to on the map, we really NEED

a button that says -- REFRESH THE CACHES and show me the caches in the current area of my screen.


It's so bloody frustrating to scroll slightly out of the current area only to have to wait sometimes 3 or 4 minutes before it decides to

refresh the caches. And then you scroll another inch or 2 to the left of right and it looses the caches that you had loaded.


Add to that these stupid, stupid, stupid circles that are just COMPLETELY senseless in an urban situation.

I'm looking at an area less then a square mile and it's showing me CIRCLES. UGH!


Please, please, please, modify the options on these circles to be governed by the user and please give us a way to refresh the area that we

are in. All the other Apps do this.




PS ... we know that you are trying and slowly are getting things into the APP.


YAY and huge KUDOS for finally getting the personal NOTES into the APP!

Triple Cheers for that!!!!

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