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12 minutes ago, Bon Echo said:

8Nuts MotherGoose:  thanks for the reply and info. I will keep at it and get a better feel for it and will pay better attention to the times.

So it sounds like I will need to find a partner a bit closer to home.

On a mildly related sidenote, we visited the Ontario Science Centre  on Saturday where I was able to view dirt from Mars and from the moon lots of space-related items. also enjoyed a presentation in the planetarium. Very interesting.

Philadelphia is about as close to home as you can get. It's about 330 miles from you, and the minimum distance is 297 miles ( 1 minute of ISS flight time). It just happens that this pass is so late in the evening it shadowed before getting to Philly. If you have found a partner in Philly, keep checking passes for times that are a little earlier and it will work.

If you check passes that run SW to NE, you have Waymarking partners across the USA to help. Most of us are spread north to south in the Central Time Zone. One of us should be close enough to the pass to assist you, if the times are right.



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On 5/26/2017 at 1:31 PM, 8Nuts MotherGoose said:


You're in a tough area to get partners. Sunset is at around 20:45, so it's late when ISS Passes become visible. You're too close to the major cities in Washington to your SW to get partners there, unless you make a short road trip to the East. You might find someone in Calgary. Winnipeg is 2 hours later, so getting someone to stay until 1 or 2 am might be difficult.

While checking for passes, I did discover three that you could search for partners along.

Here's a Map of some passes.




Pass 2 and Pass 3 ended when they entered the Earth's shadow. I checked some others that started turning southward sooner and discovered many of them also got shadowed out.


One nice thing about your location: When The ISS passes over Hawaii, it will also pass south of you at 74° on Pass 1, but times will be different. On this Pass 1 Hawaii is about 1/2 hr before sunset.

I know this is an old thread, but it's the ISS. I had to read it.


TriciaG still doesn't have an ISS sighting, and is still going to the GS Forums. It looks like she should be a good partner for Scroogie2 (Keith) or T0SHEA (Barb).

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