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I use iCaching on my Mac and like it pretty much. One thing though that I can not figure out is: Why the different icons for the caches? Sometimes I see a Tupperware container and other times I see a Treasure Chest. What is the difference? I'm sure that the answer is so obvious that I'm looking right past it.

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Hi SeattleWayne, Thanks for the reply but they are all the same kind of caches. Here lately I've only been going after Traditional caches. I did however, notice that there is more information associated with the caches with the Tupperware icon. I'm not sure but I may have loaded the ones with Tupperware by using a Pocket Query and the Treasure Chest ones individually. I'll run a test.

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My guess (and it's a total guess, since I don't cache with an Apple product and don't use icaching) is that a treasure chest might have a TB in it.


Perhaps the icaching website would have more information.


Thanks for the reply hzoi but the ratio of Tupperware to Treasure Chest is about equal. Which tells me this is not the answer. Also, I checked and No, it's not. Good guess though ... :)

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After some experimenting I believe the only difference between the two icons is that the Tupperware icon indicates the cache was downloaded using a "Pocket Query " and the "Treasure Chest" was downloaded directly from the Geocaching WEB Site individually. No big deal except the ones downloaded by PQ show a bit more information. This is not an official answer, just what I have observed.

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