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Apps to log TRackables?

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I'm currently using an app called TBScan to log my Trackable finds. It works well on both my iPhone and iPad. It is however an iOS app only. Is there something similar for the Android platform?

So far the developer hasn't shown any interest in porting this into Android. See this thread.


edit: also, I note that even though the following entry in tbscan.com's FAQ is open-ended...


Q: Is TBScan available for Android?

A: Unfortunately, no. TBScan is currently an iPhone only app.


(emphasis added)


...that hasn't changed since the app was announced, which tells me the TBScan developers still appear uninterested in an Android port.


Which means that, since there are about as many Android users as iOS users out there, some Android app developer has a chance to make some money...hint, hint...

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