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USDOI Geological Survey Mark

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We came across a USDOI GS mark in Ash Meadows NWR in western NV. The markings are 47 RBR 1965 and elevation 2377 Ft. Coords are N 36° 25.279 W 116° 17.447


How do I find a (the) data sheet on this, and how do I record it?


Thanks, Jiggs11

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Probably you won't find that mark in the NGS database since it's not an NGS control. NGS is under the Department of Commerce and your mark was placed by USGS (Department of the Interior).


I've found USGS to be very helpful. Try writing to their Rolla, MO office at mcmesic@usgs.gov.

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GSAK shows two 1965 placements by that same USGS crew chief (RBR) in the NGS database: AH9103 & HQ0789; and a few more in 1964 and 1966.


Hopefully you will get information from USGS that will fill in the string.


And again, out west we do see a lot of USGS marks that have a PID - 18% of the almost 13,000 in my several year old Nevada GSAK download.


FND w/Okie'sKid



kayakbird in Montana

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