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Lately I found an "Archimedes' screwpump" that looks similar to this one:




In my case it is a pump (with only 2 screws) located in a flood plain (?) - an area reserved next to a river in case of extreme highwater - and is obviously used to pump out the water (over a small dam), when the highwater is over.


I was wondering, if there is a category for such structures, but didn't find any water pumps beside the "Hand Operated Water Pumps". It's likely not an "Engineering Landmark" (BTW: several links in their description don't work anymore) either. So, any ideas for a category that this screwpump would fit into?


I did a little research, but most of the ones I found where hand-operated ones on playgrounds. I guess the big ones are not very prevelant, right?

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These screw pumps you found are used to remove flood debris and trash from floodwaters so the pumps move the cleaned floodwaters into the stormwater system. The screws do a great job of screening trash out of the water, and they don't have to be cleaned out as often as screened trash-filter systems do.


We had a similar screw system at the University of Texas to separate compostable food waste from noncompostable garbage. The screws moved the combined waste stream about 75 feet across an open service area. As the waste moved along the screw, compostable food separated out and fell into open trucks parked below the screws to go to the composter, while the napkins, plastic, cardboard and other solid waste moved along the screws to giant portable garbage dumpsters destined for the landfill. It stank, was visible from one of the dining hall exits. This highly-choreographed ballet of trucks, screws, dumpsters, and sometimes-recognizeable food was an oddly fascinating and somewhat nauseating memory of my Jester dining hall days. LOL

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Thanks for all the feedback. The pump is close to a small village called Zeiselmauer with around 2,000 inhabitants. I doubt that there is a Wikipedia entry about it and I also doubt that I will find a newspaper article about it. Doesn't matter, I found many more other waymarks there, including a red telephone box, which I definitely didn't expect to find there.

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