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Impossible to log new founds

Pitte Stuer
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Since the new website is online it's impossible to log new founds, even with fieldnotes. :mad: And with the app on my phone it is still possible buth it's not possible to log in the past. And with the app i can not log my TB's with a visit to the cache in one time. I need to do this one by one.

Please solve this problem!

With regards,


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Same here. None of my browsers (FF, IE11, Edge. Opera and Chrome) can be used to log. The green wheel just keeps turning ...


I'm using Windows 10 on my desktop, Creators Update. And language is set to Dutch (Nederlands)


It all works when the language is set to English, though. So, apparently it's the language module that is causing the problems.

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Same here. When it first appeared, I thought 'OK...' and did my log, no big problem, noting a longer-than-usual delay in the loading, while waiting for the little green spinner to stop. Then for my second log, the green spinner just kept going. I then hit the 'opt out' button. I hope the 'opt out' button is a permanent feature.... I fear it isn't.....

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So, I gave the new logging "experience" a whirl today.


Two problems:


1. It let me write seven logs (a mix of DNFs and "Found It"), but the eighth cache log was grayed out. I could not do anything with it, even by refreshing.


2. A photo I uploaded said it was taken the day after I logged. The log date was correct, but the photo "taken" date was wrong.

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