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OT: HELP! Relocating Geocachers

Team Tired Feet
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We are Raellyn and Melissa, (Team Tired Feet) from Lexington, KY.


Raellyn was accepted into grad school at the University of Oregon and we will be relocating to Eugene in the middle of August and need information on pet-friendly apartments or other housing.


We will be moving ourselves, two cats, and lots of art supplies, so any other relocation advice would also be greatly appreciated. Please respond to us privately at teamtiredfeet@hotmail.com.


Thank you for your help.


cut.throat.red & Krispy Kremer

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There are a bunch of geocachers in Eugene, and from what I can tell from these forums they seem like a pretty decent bunch of folks. So, I am sure you'll get some good feedback.


That is one thing we have lots of here in Oregon - geocachers (and geocaches). One thing we don't have.... Krispy Kremes icon_eek.gif. The first 1 is slated to open in my neighborhood (2 hours North of Duck-ville) sometime this year.

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Here is a list of available rental properties in Eugene. Keep in mind that if you choose something near the university, you'll pay about 20% more. Since Eugene has an excellent bus system, i'd choose something a little farther out, like this one or this one.


Be careful who you go through, though. There's a bit of a housing crisis going on for u of o students right now.


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