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August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse – point of greatest totality – Hopkinsville, Kentucky

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August 21, 2017

Are you coming to Christian County Kentucky, GROUND ZERO of greatest totality for the upcoming TOTAL solar eclipse of the Sun, near Hopkinsville, KY? If so…have you thought about attending a Geocaching event on that particular day? Well, THINK no more! There will be an event quite close to the established cache GC6PJ0R 'Party at the Park' just north of Hopkinsville.

====> GC70ZDA Greatest Totality on Earth !


There will be 'Greatest Totality on Earth' pins for the first 250 attendees who sign-in/register on site as well as special event certificates (which will be emailed to registrants who attend.) There will also be drawings for a limited quantity of Eclipse glasses and Geocaching-related items ["...must be present to win..."].


In other words, there will be geocaching F U N! (Why miss it? Answer: D O N ‘ T!)


While the event won’t be published until May 21, we do have permission to, “…promote it via other platforms ahead of time.” So consider this promoted! If for some reason you aren't coming – but know someone who is – please spread the word! B)


Side note: I usually read forum threads, not post anything. My event partners and I thought "if people are traveling from far and wide – planning WAY in advance – we need to help them know we've been planning too.” I'm hosting eclipse-themed events in countdown fashion (6 months/4 months/2 months/weekend of). Back on March 1st someone from California (who planned & booked arrangements in mid-2016 for the eclipse) contacted me to see if there would be a true 'day of' event.

A great local caching couple approached me to host this eclipse day event together (many hands make light work.) I said YES! I hope if you find yourself in this area, you will also say yes and attend this event.


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I was so happy to see several eclipse-related events already published despite it still being three months away, and this one is just about as close to the action as you can get! I would love to be there but I'm still working on transportation...anyone out there willing to allow me to carpool with them from any of the nearby larger towns/cities (Nashville, Bowling Green, Paducah, etc.)? Message me if you'd be interested in seeing if we can work something out! Hoping to be there to meet some cachers and see this sure-to-be-awesome eclipse!

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