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Free up space gps

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I want to take off all caches on my gps that I had loaded but never got around to finding so I have room to put new caches on.I have an etrex 20

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Connect your eTrex to your computer using the Garmin USB cable.

Go to the Garmin\GPX folder.

Remove the .gpx files for the caches that you previously loaded.

-- If you loaded PQ's, then they'd be files named like 99999999_pqname.gpx and 99999999_pqname-wpts.gpx

-- If you loaded individual caches, then they'd be file named like GC12345.gpx

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If you have a LOT of cache files to delete, this can also be done in bulk using command-line tools.


You'll have to open a terminal window (Terminal for mac/linux, cmd for windows) after connecting your eTrex to the computer via USB cable.


If you are a Mac user:


cd /Volumes/GARMIN/Garmin/GPX

rm GC*.gpx
rm [0-9]*.gpx


The first line gets you into the correct directory on your device, the next two remove individual cache files and pocket query files respectively.


If you are using Windows, the commands are similar:


CD E:\Garmin\GPX

del GC*.gpx
del [0-9]*.gpx


Where E: can be replaced with the actual drive letter of your GPS when it mounts. In this case, I'm not sure if the line [0-9]*gpx will work. It's been a while since I've used the Windows/DOS command line. But if you're using pocket queries, there probably aren't that many gpx files to delete, whereas sending individual caches via the "Send to GPS" button will accumulate a lot of files. Therefore, if you do decide to try the command line to batch delete these files, you may only need the first remove or delete command anyway.


For the future, I recommend using Pocket Queries to manage caches on your GPS. One file contains up to 1000 caches, and you can always select "caches I have not found" to exclude your finds, update the file(s) weekly for your local area, and load other areas as you plan to travel to them. Pocket queries do need to be manually loaded, but you just unzip the GPX files and drag-and-drop into the Garmin/GPX/ folder on your device.

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