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The doctor is in.

Dr. Isotope
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I had a short little IM conversation with the good Dr. last night. I was using a name other than Quantum Mechanic, but he knew it was me. He asked if I had ever seen the movie "Fight Club". I said that I had but it had been a long time. He said that the plan was the same except for bigger weapons. I guess I'm gonna have to rent the movie and watch it again. Or is this a little mis-information?


And what happened Voss? I thought an ex-soviet spy would be a little quicker. Maybe I will join the dark side...one never knows.



Peace through superior firepower

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Originally posted by Trafcon:

Anyone out there want to take a stab at the name "Johnny Transuranic". Like I say I'm no good at word puzzles, math and the like ok, but not words.






all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed


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.... And what a charmer he is! He IMed me on yahoo! messenger twice this morning. The creepiest part was when he knew exactly what I was wearing!


I now have a list of four suspects, each with reasons why they may be Dr. Isotope, as well as why not. So far none has fit perfectly into the profile. When I do figure it out, however, Dr. Isotope (YES, YOU!) will only have one chance to convince me to join his evil plot. Otherwise, I'll be telling his identity and his plans to the world!


I chose LaurenCat because LaurenKittenPoniesFlowersPinkSunshineFairyMeowMeowRainbowHeartLoveBunnyKissKiss was just too F-ing long.

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I have known who the good??? Dr. was since my first post on 10-26, but he hasn't tried to sway me to his camp yet.


Also Dasein, I find it curious that you referenced Dr. I's deleted post and then you yourself deleted your reference post within three hours. I guess the dark side of the force is too strong for some icon_wink.gif


KTF !!! GBWY !!!


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Dr. Isotope remains an enigma. The geocaching CSI lab processed his e-mail address and the IP addresses from which he operates. Unfortunately, all are dead ends. I would suggest keeping your eyes peeled if you are near a public library computer in western Oregon. That's all I can say other than this guy covers his tracks well. Mister Big gave us similar trouble for some time, but Jeremy was able to determine his true identity. I, of course, am sworn to secrecy on THAT matter.


- Seth!



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This morning, I couldn't sleep so I got up around 3am. Flipping thru the crap that is on TV early Sunday morning, I saw that I had just missed Fight Club. Coinidence? Maybe. Then at 5 the movie "Manhattan Project" came on. At the same time a Cheech and Chong movie was on. And to cap it all off.....Dragnet was on TV Land. Stranger and stranger.



Peace through superior firepower

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And I found it both illuminating and alarming at the same time. Dr. I is indeed an enigma wrapped in a riddle. If anyone wants to view the evidence let me know and perhaps we could arrange a drop-off. I fear we are dealing with a madman for which there is no reasoning. I have to shower now, that tape left me feeling dirty.



Be kind, please rewind.

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I finally got rid of that evil tape. I transfered ownership to T.J. and I'm just now getting the smell out of the house. Remember Time Bandits and that charred piece of pure evil in the toaster oven? It's something like that, only different. I can finally sleep at night and the dog has stopped barking. It's awfully quiet, almost too quiet. Voss are you listening?



SHH...Listen....Do you smell that?

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