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Skoda Yeti - einfach mehr zu erzählen


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For years now I've tried to get my hands on a Yeti Coin.

As it seemed impossible to find one, something needed to be done.

So out of a spur of the moment decission BueTriDo and I started thinking about a new Yeti Coin. Together with Berta of myGeocoin.de and generous support of Skoda we came up with a design for car nuts.


There are many colours to choose from, all named accordingly.


My personal edition:

'Schlammtier' PE of ElliPirelli 25 - which translates to 'mud animal'






'Moostier' LE50 - translates to 'moss animal'




'Schneetier' LE 50 - translates to 'snow animal'




'Kohlentier' LE 50 - translates to 'coal animal'




'Wassertier' LE 50 - translates to 'water animal'




'Feuertier' LE 50 - translates to 'fire animal'




'Nebeltier' Personal Edition of BueTriDo 25 - translates to 'fog animal'




'Rosentier' Artist Edition 50 - translates to 'rose animal'




The Artist Edtion is availlable at myGeocoin.de,

all other colours at BueTriDo and me, ElliPirelli.

The Personal Editions obviously only at the owner.

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