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3 million geocaches geocoin

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celebrating 3 million active geocaches

that is one cache every 20 minutes for more than 100 years!


“3 million geocaches geocoin”


size: 2" = 51mm Ø

3mm thick, weight 32g


editions / quantity made:

antique silver re 45

nickel se 40

gold le 35

black nickel* xle 30 with glow-in-the-dark elements

antique bronze 15 (sold out)


release: april 1, 2017

trackable on geocaching.com with own icon


available at




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My geocoin addict wants to know if this is ....


1. '3' representing a 3 Million Cache coin

2. 'M' designating a Mega Event coin

... or ...

3. 'E' for a new 'Ernie' Personal Coin


... ????? ..... :rolleyes: .... just sayin' .... :lol:






... or ...


it might be a 'W' for 'Whatever' you want it to be ... :lol:





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There are 2999986 Groundspeak caches listed today at 20:21 hrs CET.


Cache listing # 3000000 will probably be published

in 0 days on or around 17.04.2017.


Current net growth rate: 375 caches/day | 11363 caches/month.

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