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My brother and I are planning on meeting up next week at some spot in between our two homes (Portland/Vancouver and Marysville) to hang out for the day and do some caching. It seems from a cursury look at the map that Tacoma is about half way, and has a greater concentration of caches than Olympia (which I think is a little more the true halfway mark). Any suggestions on some caches in either of these areas? We both enjoy a little challenge, and I wouldn't mind a great hike.

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Excluding mine ('cause I'm sure I'm biased), I'd recommend these as the Top Ten in the Tacoma area:


1. Galloping Gertie (but watch the tides. I didn't, and got stuck on a high tide, which, honestly, made it just that much more fun).


2. A Narrow Find at Point Defiance (it's a multi, but a relatively quick one, which may require you to take four or more loops in Pt. Defiance park)


3. Dash Cache (a nice area, nice short hike)


4. Points of Interest (temporarily disabled, but keep an eye on it to see if Soup's got it up again before you leave)


5. Hobo Jungle (a surprising oasis in an unexpected spot)


6. Projection (but do your homework before you leave if you want to get this multi-cache)


7. Nisqually Reach (not really in Tacoma, but close. It's a tough one, and you're not getting to it at high tide, nor between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.; I recommend just before sunrise)


8. The three Anderson island caches. I particularly recommend ''Grandma's Goodies'' (the first link).


9. A bit further to the east, Triple F (Fritz Forest Find), because I like seeing other people suffer, too.


10. A bit further north, Hylebos Hideaway (a microcache with the strangest natural holes you'll ever see).


And as for mine, I think Seeley Lake Baseball is the nicest stroll, and Down the Rabbit Hole is the most mentally challenging. Silly Old Bear is a nice spot, too, but not much of a hike or a challenge.


If you want tough hikes, don't look in Tacoma. Hit the Green River Gorge and get Pautzke Salmon Ponds, then head south to Enumclaw to get Peak-A-Boo.


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I would like to add my 2 cents worth for the Olympia area.


Frye, Frye, Away! On a clear day the view of Mount Rainier from here is awesome.


Priest Point Park This one is fairly close in to the city, it was fun with my kids and a nephew along. Just watch out for the mud at low tide, it is very slippery.


The Big Tree This is one of mine, and is a little more challenging than the others that I listed. This is also the 1st cache that I placed, so I'm rather partial to it.


Nisqually Reach was a challenge for me. If you chose to do this one, be sure to do the math correctly, unlike myself. Also, check a tide chart before you go, you won't get this one at high tide, unless you use a boat.


If you'ld like to do a night cache, that I guaranty is the safest night time find you could possably grab, then you have to try Grave Robber.


Well that's my input, happy hunting.


Misguided One.




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