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2 hours ago, GOcacherXXIII said:

I’ve been caching since December 2023 and am hoping to go to the Going Caching Mega event this year!



That's what I would call starting with the right foot. ;)

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Good morning, all.  Me name is Lee and I joined in September 2009 when my son was in the Cub Scouts, and they wanted someone to teach / train the geocaching merit badge.  I've cached off and on over the years and just started back regularly.  You'll find me primarily in the upstate area of SC, USA.

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BrandiiPrime Origin Story (Long but hopefully entertainingly relatable):

Picture this: The year is 2007, the location is Oregon and I just turned 23... someone I knew told me about some kind of game that involved finding hidden treasure and how people ALL around the world are on the good ol’ world wide web uploading GPS coordinates so strangers could go out and find it.

 I thought to myself... Say no more...

     So... yes, I was really out there thinking what a great idea… a solo female in the PNW wilderness with my 2005 4cyl Ford Focus, armed with nothing but a pixelated print out from Google Maps yep… you read that right Google Maps lol (I mean I didn’t even get an iPhone till 2008) and I suppose... maybe a sense of adventure. Fast forward to when I upgraded from white knuckle driving, wasted gas and DNF’s to a Garmin Oregon 600— And in 2018, I finally decided to jump on the app.

    One of the most exciting aspects of my geocaching journey has been witnessing the community evolve. Back in the day, spotting fellow women geocachers my age was rare! But now, it's heartening to see the diverse range of adventurers from all walks of life joining the ranks.

    Geocaching has been my ticket to discovering some truly incredible locations which I wouldn't have stumbled upon otherwise. My absolute favorite finds are those elusive caches reported over and over DNF with a note from the owner defiantly declaring, "It's still there!" Sure, there have been a few questionable locations along the way (note to self: maybe avoid the abandoned stretches of rural Oregon towns claiming there is a micro on a “free puppies sign” when you’re caching alone… sorta kidding lol -eekk), but hey, every cache has a tale right?!

    So, if you have read up to this point you know I live in Oregon, allegedly home of (trigger warning for some lol) the first geocache: N 45° 17.460 W 122° 24.800 placed by Dave Ulmer. If you don’t know why I said trigger warning lol or the “lore” surrounding this, I encourage you to use your geo senses read the forums/research and report back who you think the “first” was. 

    Now, let me introduce you to my FEARLESS caching co-piot – my daughter. She's been coming along on my geocaching escapades since she could barely walk (she is now a teenager and still loves going)! As one might imagine Oregon can often be quite remote with lots of critters that go bump in the night ...actually they go bump in the day too – *confession* I may be a bit of a geo scaredy-cat when it comes to snakes, she's definitely the fearless one in our duo.

What does 2024 have in store?

    I am diving headfirst into the world of complex geocache builds. Considering I live in the 3rd largest city in Oregon there are not currently many local hides outside of the classic micros/parking lot or cache and dashes. I am aiming for folks who are city cachers or have accessibility needs to find caches that are just as exciting as the ones we have to travel/hike to. don’t know what has taken so long to finally integrate myself into the geocaching community but here I am haha!

I am so beyond grateful for all the adventures I've experienced over the years, and I can't wait to help create similar memories for new cachers. <3 Brandi


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I am not (very) lazy and I'm nobody's uncle, but I'm still lazyuncle. I cache with an old-ish Android smartphone and the "App which Shall Not be Named" along with (NEW! to me) a Magellan eXplorist 310 (which has an excellent basemap BTW). I reside a stone's throw from the Grand Trifecta but have only visited 1 of them so far (The Lily Pad). I have, by my reckoning, 368 finds (including a handful of ALs) and 17 hides, 2 of which are archived (not including the ones I adopted out when I moved from Arizona in 2022). I got interested in geocaching when I was browsing the Google app store and saw the official app back in 2021, and went out and looked for the one close to my house. Lo and behold, it was missing, and I met the CO replacing it. So that's me, everybody. Nothing too impressive, just another cacher who is not suspicious at all.

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Hello from Sunny Bedlington, Northumberland, England.  My name is Jacqueline and my username is MurrellLooks4.  I have been Geocaching since 2021.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  I have almost 2000 finds now - 1400 plus of those a none Adventure Lab finds.  I wanted to wait until after my first 1000 find before I considered creating a Geocache of my own.  My first published Geocache was a basic Jigidi puzzle which gave the correct coordinates that were then confirmed by the built in checker.  My second used a similar approach of finding information on a war memorial then changing the ABC and DEF of the coordinates to find the final  coordinates - again using the built in checker. The third was to celebrate this leap year and involved a similar approach with the last digit of the year being used for the seconds.  Now I want to be a bit more adventurous and create a Geocache that I can use a checker with that allows for a keyword - the name of a particular song - which would give the message I have created and which also includes the final coordinates.  I am having a few problems with this and have come to the forums to see if I can get some advise. Thanks.

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8 hours ago, MurrellLooks4 said:

Now I want to be a bit more adventurous and create a Geocache that I can use a checker with that allows for a keyword - the name of a particular song - which would give the message I have created and which also includes the final coordinates.  I am having a few problems with this and have come to the forums to see if I can get some advise. Thanks.


Welcome!  Perhaps post your question as a separate topic in this How Do I? forum section?  Look at Certitudes.org - you can use a keyword or coordinates and, correctly entered, will give you final coordinates, hints, or lead you to another stage if this is a multi.  

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Hi to all Members, I'm a British Expat/Military Veteran living and working in Bosnia... I was actually a big fan of Letterboxing on Dartmoor as a teenager and finally started up Geocaching this week with my 1st Three Caches Found and Logged today. Are there many fellow Geocachers in Bosnia? one question to the members, do you have to have completed a certain number of Geocaches before you can place and submit your own for review? I have some really good placement locations I would like to set up here to increase the number and interest in the country... Great to have discovered the Website and especially the Forum!

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Hello everyone, cabinfever1960 here. Fairly new to the game. I signed up in 2022 but I never did anything with it until February 2024, when I found my first cache. I just hit 50 today and am currently at 52. I wish everyone good luck out there and be safe. 


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