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Feature request: App-Friendly (Or NOT App-Friendly) Attribute

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Would LOVE to see an attribute option added for App-Friendly or Not App-Friendly.


Many Mystery caches are unsolvable using just an app on a smart-phone.

I looked at some of your caches, and didn't see any text that specified whether or not they're App-Friendly. You know, while we wait for the icon.


The icon will spoil some Puzzle Caches. A cache description that seems to be ordinary text, with a "Not App Friendly" icon, means there's a hidden clue on the page itself, specially designed HTML or whatever.


In order for the idea to be useful, all Cacher Owners must have the Apps and test their cache pages. The icon also needs to say which Apps it's Friendly with (also which versions: IOS? Android? Which phone models?), and might as well say if it works on GPSrs, and if so, which ones. It's a hard-working icon. :anibad:

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Well-stated. Thanks for turning the solution back on me!

I may take this bull-by-the-horns initiative and create an appropriate image for my own cache pages as a start!

Go for it!


Some of my cache pages (and even my Profile) have things suggested as Features. So I tried them myself. What does the Feature look like? Exactly how does it work? Does it help greatly, or complicate things? I haven't even seen another cache page (besides mine) that has the urgently needed "QR Code", including on a cache page of the person who suggested it. Go ahead and suggest it, but also show how well it works for you. :anicute:

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Thanks for the feedback. I may have a cache or two that requires a QR reader, too, but you won't know it till you get to that stage...

No offense, but this is one of the reasons I'd like to see a Ignore Owner list. :)


Instead of "app friendly", or not, maybe just a note that there's internet access somewhere on the cache page might help.


Most times I bring a beat-proof spare phone, not my good one, in the many areas we still don't have access.

There's two big parks not too far away you can't get online, but have 911.


Using a GPSr, finishing most of a multi/puzzle, to find I can't complete it because "a stage" requires a qr reader with no notice/hint anywhere on the cache page, I'd just ignore the rest of that CO's just in case the same thing was pulled with those too. :)

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