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[BUG] Garmin Plug-in No Longer Supported by Firefox

Marko Ramius

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It appears that the Garmin Plug-in is no longer supported by Firefox. I tried to "Send to My GPS" and it said my Garmin Plug-in was out of date, so I tried to install the latest plug-in and the message came up that Firefox no longer supports this plug-in.

Curious though... If you haven't found any yet since '06, why an issue now? :)

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I have found that this is also a problem with my Magellan Explorist 610 and 310 on two seperate PCs and on Firefox and Edge. It will be unacceptable if a fix is only provided for Garmin as Magellan still enables it's communicator plug in to be available. As this does appear to be a Geocaching.com problem you should fix it!

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As this does appear to be a Geocaching.com problem you should fix it!


NO it isn't. If you would have read the 10's (if not 100's) of threads about the plugin you would know that the communicator plugin was based on 1990's technology (NPAPI) which is obsolete and a security risk. That's why just about every browser dropped support for it. It's up to plugin writers to come up with an alternative.

It's a security issue that was dealt with by browser manufacturers, it was announced well in advance but plugin creators decided not to act until is was too late. Nothing GC can do about it.

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