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Earth cache based in a geology park

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We have a geology park in our district. Here they have gathered different types of stones and minerals from the district and placed it around a park where we can read about them on information signs. We have been thinking about making an earth cache here, but are not sure if it qualifies. Does it?


Thanks for answering? :-)

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I have seen Earthcaches in places like that.


They work best when they go beyond the signs, and engage finders in actual tasks. Consider working with the people who created the park to design a really great Earthcache!

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Let me add to the consensus: sounds like a good idea. :grin: Just remember that you need to get with the folks who manage the park for permission.


Also, if you're thinking about the island of Leka, you'll need to make sure that your earthcache is based on different geologic lessons than the earthcache that's aready published there.


edit: ok, you are nowhere near Leka -- never mind that! If there were earthcaches near you, you would need to make sure that you don't duplicate the same lesson. But I see there are very few near Namsos, so you should have pretty free reign.


Good luck!

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One of my earthcaches is exactly that. The local council, together with a local geologist, have created a "Time Walk" in a local park. 100 million years in 100 child-sized steps, with rocks from local areas placed at the chronologically correct location.


The EC gets quite a few favourites.


I'm sure your EC will be fine.

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