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goin' to Seattle


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I was up that way for a 4-day class and learned to ask this question:


Where in the Seattle area will you be?


I was in Kirkland and had a mini Seth!-fest. I did a bunch of Seth!'s caches, along with a few from others, but I never strayed from the Kirkland/Bellevue/Redmond area. If I had to cross over to the Seattle side of town I never would've gotten anything done.


So if you're going to be on the east side, Seth!'s got a nice variety of caches. If you even got part of Mission: Impossible done you'd have fun, although no find. That cache can take weeks to get done. Hope that helps in some way . . .

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We're headed up to Seattle late in August on our super-anniversary-concert-fun-road-trip!! Anyways, anyone know any 'quick' caches that we could grab besides the I Hate I-5 series? We're going to Seattle on Thursday (Floater concert Thursday night!!), then we have to leave early Friday to go to Eugene (Floater concert Friday night!!), so we won't have much time to dilly-dally around in the Seattle area. I guess we're looking for some short 1/1 caches around Seattle (not North) that we'll be able to get quickly. Any input would be appreciated. After the concert in Eugene, we have to get up on Saturday and drive to Bend (Floater concert Saturday night!!) for our final concert. If anyone knows any good caches around the Bend area, please feel free to list those. We'll have all day Sunday to look around that area.


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What part of the month?


The Auburn area has quite a few caches. What level of caches are you looking for? What types? Do you like multi's or micro's?


I agree that Seth!'s are some of the best in the area. I've only been able to do a few of them but they are always well planned out.


If you are into nostalgia, you can check out one of the oldest active caches in the area. Iron Horse was placed in October of 2000 by Elias & Jeremy.


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